Cultural and scientific creative industry park
江苏溧阳水泥厂改造项目。溧阳隶属江苏常州市,地处长江三角洲的南部的苏、浙、皖三省交界处。是宁杭生态经济带上的重要副中心城市和示范区。溧阳市离天目湖旅游度假区仅10千米,是距天目湖最近的主要城市,以及半径200千米以内的主要城市如上海市、苏州市、杭州市、南京市、无锡市、南通市等的主要交通枢纽。 溧阳市羚羊水泥有限公司坐落于溧阳市西郊小山头,占地面积76600平方米,建筑面积5500平方米。1971年10月建厂,原是地方国营溧阳县水泥厂,1991年溧阳撤县设市后,更名溧阳市水泥厂,1994年12月改制为国有控股企业——溧阳市水泥股份有限公司,2001年11月再次改制,成为民营企业,改名溧阳市羚羊水泥有限公司。 Jiangsu liyang cement factory renovation project.Liyang belongs to changzhou, jiangsu province, which is located in the southern part of the Yangtze river delta.It is an important sub-center city and demonstration area in ninghang ecological economy belt.Liyang tianmu lake tourist resort only 10 kilometers, is apart from major cities, tianmu lake recently and a radius of 200 km in major cities such as Shanghai, suzhou, hangzhou, nanjing, wuxi, nantong and other major transport hub. Liyang antelope cement co., LTD. Is located in the western suburb of liyang city, covering an area of 76600 square meters and a building area of 5,500 square meters.In October 1971, the original is a local state-run liyang county cement factory, after liyang withdraw county city in 1991, renamed liyang city cement plant, in December 1994, restructuring of state-owned holding companies - liyang city cement co., LTD., in November 2001 restructuring again, to become a private enterprise, renamed liyang antelope cement co., LTD.