A house in Tuscany
Renovation of a farmhouse in Tuscany. Your typical rustic farmhouse, built around the late 1800s to early 1900s. Even in compliance with the strict town regulations, we were able to restore the exterior in a simplistic manner. The only sign of contemporary architecture in the new design is the lightweight pergola made of galvanized iron, which encompasses the building and cuts a taut rectangle of perfectly green lawn from the surrounding olive groves. The interior is divided by the main walls into three spaces running lengthwise. The central wall, which leads to the entrance, was raised back up to its original height, removing the first-floor ceiling. The spacious central area, with a height surpassing 10 m, reveals the antique wood ceiling, which is geometrically imperfect, but incredibly fascinating in its structure. All of the interior architecture plays off of the dialogue created between the home’s original elements (roof, ceilings with little brick vaults and exposed beams, flooring with terracotta tiles in a herringbone pattern) – which were all given a thorough cleaning to bring out their character – and the contemporary elements, adding high-impact fluidity – the stairs first and foremost, being positioned right in front of the entrance; the large metal fireplace, which gives way to a sophisticated desk in the study on the upper floor; and the Corian kitchen island. The owner is also a collector of contemporary art and design furniture, so we ensured a great deal of contact with the designers in order to achieve a rare merging of paintings, period design furniture, and highquality interior spaces.