Carnation Court
In creating a contemporary family home with spacious living areas, the designer has opened up the space by re-building the structural walls to come up with a flexible plan to suit the lifestyle of this family of four. The classic styles and details of European architecture and buildings impressed the family during their travel experience. They wanted to bring these classy, romance and elegant elements into their modern home. As the client were keen to add their European design preferences to the apartment, the furnishings' colour scheme of grey and blue were used throughout the entire apartment. Another key element if the design is the series of full height storage cabinets with greyish blue colour tone. In most of the European classic buildings, flourished mouldings, trims and corbels are usually seen. In bringing these elements to the apartment, European trims were used and emphasised in the living room to fulfil the the touch of classic European design. It provides a focus point for the apartment as well as enough storage spaces for the owner. The dining and kitchen areas were narrow and long, it was one of the difficult tasks to resolve. To fully connect the two areas, the designer opened up with kitchen with a glass-wall as well as a group of built-in furnitures to make the connection among them. Besides, by using the see-through partitions and materials such as glasses, various areas were merged and can be differentiated while maintaining the sense of indoor space. The solution to fully utilise the areas near the original master bedroom, the existing walls were removed and replaced with a hidden sliding doors and a series of full height cabinets. The areas were combined into a large master suite with a large dressing area. In order to enhance the functionality of the apartment, a learning room and a study room were established for every member of the family to use either alone or together. These two rooms suit the needs f the members as they were designed to be use in multi-functional ways. The whole idea of the design was to use the elegance and romance of European classic buildings to combine with modern styles to create a space efficiency apartment for the family.