Achieving Alignment
Realigning lines, axes, and elevations to better use the available space is the main task at hand - although a 1,819-square-foot apartment is not small for dense Hong Kong, the owners always felt lacking in space for storage, for their three adult children when they visit, and for their four dogs. To create more storage area, the television set is offset from the living room walls, thereby leaving enough room for those walls to become doors to storage closets. The television pedestal is placed on a raised platform, creating playground-like changes in elevations that the dogs now enjoy climbing. The partition wall between two bedrooms are moved to enlarge the master bedroom, allowing the creation of a focal point that is anchored by a larger bed flanked by a walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom. In the sons’ bedroom, the beds are oriented back-to-back to leverage the room’s rectangular shape. Throughout the apartment, long, uninterrupted lines adorn the surfaces of walls and partitions, such as a ridged wooden feature wall and a slanted, recessed light box in the dining room wall, enhancing the flow of energy through the newly generated perpendicular axes.