Abstractions of Nature
The client family is a Northern Californian transplant living. To create a haven from Hong Kong's concrete jungle, the designer uses abstractions from nature to drive design decisions throughout the space. Hong Kong is too warm to have a fireplace, so it is represented by a pile of logs in a recess. A feature wall is created from palm-sized hexagonal tiles overlaid together to simulate patterns in nature: an abstract pattern of beehives. The only feature light fitting in the space is created by Arihiro Miyake, inspired by movements "In The Wind" (Nemo). Entertaining people at one’s home is less common compared to the US, so apartment layouts usually have sleeping areas maximized. To enlarge the public space for hosting, the designer takes out the partition wall to a bedroom, instead putting in a raised floor and thus creating a family room as an extension of the living area. Partitioned off by a glass railing covered with patterns of flying birds, this family room also has a raised alcove formed by extending an already wide (2.5 feet) structural window ledge. These varying elevations in the living space conjures up images of going up and down hilly Northern California.