The Warm Concept
The home is heavily permeated with rich, warm exclusive flavor. Upon entry, there is a touch of greenery to compliment the touch of human nature. With the lamp throwing out a dim light, it seems that people are back to the years with calm mind and body relaxed. Because the owner prefer warm colors, the designer have chosen the unique gold and brown as the main color, while taking into account the variety of textures that make the walnut, sandstone, cement, tiles and so on to combine with for interweaving level, so as to set the appropriate backdrop for the elegant furniture. The bedroom have also embraced a similar color tone and texture and materials to enrich the warm concept creating an enclosed, yet calming environment for relaxation. Special materials include the use of a chopstick shaped rustic brown tile to build the feature wall facing the bed and by the door. Also leather like materials to wrap furnishing including the soft cushion behind the bed.