North America School
A 12 years school campus designed on the basic believe that learning is something that happens everywhere, especially nowadays, when information is available through internet and mobile devices, the role of education institution is shifting into a place to receive tools ( for social interaction, learning how to learn, critical thinking and creativity, problem solving, etc..) rather than information. Knowledge is the ability to absorb and to use the information in a right way the information, and not just memorize it. That is why in NAS we dedicated many resources to create places and spaces for those ability to grow and evolve. We put a lot of intention in the in-between spaces, where the informal learning abilities happens, the social interaction, the horizontal (student-student) learning processes are taking place. In many cases those learnings are much more significant for the future, when the pupils will become the people, and they will have to integrate in the world. The main study buildings designed as a comprehensive internal world, that contains There are no traditional corridors in NAS, instead the classrooms and special classrooms (labs, art, dance) connected through a series of "outdoor" covered spaces that permit small and larger gatherings of students. Also the library is designed as a continuous part of the in between, giving the possibility for the kids who pass to stop and get curious about a book, a magazine and pursue them to investigate and wonder and take the lead and approach toward knowledge. Program: High schoo and Middle School Campus Location: Suzhou, China Year: 2013 Site area: 62,000 sqm Building area: 87,000 sqm Status: completed 2016 *NOTE: as until now I still couldn't get high quality photos of the complete project. In case the entry will be selected, I will have great photos of the complete project by then. Thanks.