2020/2021 The 4th IAI International Design Festival


  Schedule of the 13th Design Award Ceremony


IAI International Design Festival, hosted by Asia Pacific Designers Federation, is an international academic event with IAI Design Award as its core brand. It covers a wide range of activities, including architectural design, interior design, industrial design, fashion, brand, photography and many other design categories. IAI International Design Festival aims to organize competitions, exhibitions, forums and awards, as well as diverse and cross-boundary creative performances to form a unique brand of international design cultural exchange activities. By holding the annual IAI International Design Festival, IAI hopes to create an innovative image of the city to achieve the goal of talent gathering and creativity, along with promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry; to enhance the public's design awareness and aesthetic cultivation, along with realizing the value of design and the improvement of people's lives.


Award ceremony of the 13th IAI Design Award              

IAI Design Forum  

IAI Design Award Exhibition  

Art Xiamen (Art And Design International Exhibition) GUESTS

Forum venue:  Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center (No. 198, Exhibition Road, Siming District, Xiamen City)

Awards venue: Lohkah Hotel & Spa, Xiamen (277 Penang Road, Huli District, Xiamen, China; 7-star hotel)

Exhibition venue:  Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center (No. 198, Exhibition Road, Siming District, Xiamen City)

 Guests(Online + offline)

17 June

16:00 PM

Opening Ceremony of IAI International Design Festival & Art Xiamen  

● Visit IAI Design Award Exhibition & Life Art Innovation Exhibition

● Visit Art Xiamen (Art and Design International Exhibition)

18 June

10:30 AM

Brand co-operation signing ceremony

2019/2020 12th IAI Design Award Yearbook Donation Ceremony


11:00 AM - 13:00 PM

The speech topic for the forum--The unknown design in the future after the pandemic

2020 may be the most upset and the toughest year for our human beings since the beginning of the 21st century. It has posed severe challenges to the economy, society and other fields. It has also fully exposed the serious inadequacy of global cooperation in responding to the global public health and security crisis. However, it will certainly strengthen people's cooperation more and give us a new impetus to pay greater attention to nature and the protection of nature and the environment which would lead us to reimagine new possibilities in the light of our actual needs and what really matters. Hence, the topic of this design forum will focus on people and nature, people and health, people and society, alternative economy, transportation, digital information, creative leadership, brand, city and countryside to Explore and share the thinking and understanding of design in uncertain times.

Interior Design

The theme of the speech: Rethinking space design in the post-pandemic era

Guest lecturer: Zeng Guanwei (China), design director of Xiamen Oriental Design & Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., vice president of Xiamen Oriental Design & Research Institute

The theme of the speech: Future living space

Guest lecturer: Kees Spanjues (Netherlands), the chairman of  European Community of Interior  Architect (ECIA); the chairman of Dutch National Interior Design Association (BNI)

Architectural Design

The theme of the speech: The direction of architecture in the post-pandemic era (online)

Guest lecturer: Laurent Troost (Belgium), founder of Laurent Troost Architectures; co-founder of Labverde, an Art Immersion Programme in the Amazon

The theme of the speech: Trend (online)

Guest lecturer: Giancarlo Mazzanti (Columbia), founder of Mazzanti Architectures; the first winner of IAI Most Creativity Award

City of the Future

The theme of the speech: "Humanities, health, physical examination, science and technology"-design considerations for high-density urban centers in the post-pandemic era (online))

Guest lecturer: Zhang Ming (USA), academician of American Institute of Architects, MZA Architectural Design Co., Ltd/design director

Design of life

The theme of the speech: "How shall we live" after the pandemic?

Guest lecturer: Yao Zhennan (China), World Expo landscape expert, expert of Shanghai Construction Committee, director of China State Construction Landscaping Center

Brand design and innovation

The theme of the speech: Original IP from 0 to 1

Guest lecturer: ZombiesCat(China), ZombiesCat Ip founder; contemporary trend artist

The theme of the speech: Innovation and prospect of IAI Design Award

Guest lecturer: Oskar Ho (China), founder of the IAI Design Award; President of the Asia Pacific Designers Federation (APDF)

17:00 - 22:30 PM

Activities of IAI Design Award

● Opening Ceremony of the IAI Design Award

●Interactive screen -- Showtime with signing signatures

●Personal portraits with IAI exclusive fashion cover (a special gift from IAI which you can download from Cloud)

●13th Ceremony of IAI Design Award

●The launch ceremony of 14th IAI Design Award


● Awards Time: 17:00-22:30


● 17:00  Check-in

● 18:30  Guests take their seats

● 19:00   Dinner

● 19:00  The opening dance performance

● 19:10  Leaders delivering speeches

● 19:15  Guests delivering speeches

● 19:20  The part of bestowing awards

● 20:00  Entertainment performance

● 20:10  The part of bestowing awards

● 20:50  Entertainment performance

● 21:05  The part of bestowing awards

● 21:30  Closing remarks

● 21:40  Winners pose with guests

● 21:50  Winner pose for photos

● 22:30  End of the evening ceremony

19 June

● Free visits/seminars/communication

20 June

The end of IAI International Design Festival's activities

Any updates or adjustments to the above activities, please refer to the latest announcement of the day.