IAI Jewelry (Weitang pearl) Design Creativity Award 2019

The 2019-IAI first jewelry (Pearl) design creative award received nearly 100 entries from China, Bulgaria, Montenegro and other countries and regions, with 53 entries shortlisted, finally, a total of 5 works won the IAI Best Jewelry Material Innovation Award, Iai Jewelry Creative Award, Iai Jewelry Popularity Award, Iai Jewelry Classic Award, five works won the IAI Jewelry Design Star Award.

The IAI Jewelry Creative Award, especially the Pearl Category, although belonging to the minority category and held for the first time in the form of the IAI Special Award, was surprised to receive more than 100 entries. The number of entries and the overall level of entries also basically reached the desired goal, of course, there's no denying that the other categories in the IAI design awards are a little bit more homogeneous in terms of creativity and materials, although we haven't seen anything quite as powerful as the The Rock, but we can still feel its unique material and shape, expressive creativity and dazzling beauty of Pearl from the few winning works, show the current designer of jewelry design and cultural exploration and pursuit.

Looking forward to the next IAI jewelry creative award to see better works!


IAI Jewelry Materials Innovation Award:

Award-winning works:Dance of water  Award winner:Xu Erjian(China)

IAI jewelry Innovation Award:

Award-winning works:Wu Yun    Award winner:Shan Ying&Lai Wenmin(China)

IAI jewelry Popularity Award:

Award-winning works:Cherry blossom    Award winner:Rozaliya Nicheva(Bulgaria)

Award-winning works: Micro jungle   Award winner:Ma Chao(China)

IAI jewelry Classic Award:

Award-winning works:Phoenis  Nirvana   Award winner:Huang Yingya(China)

IAI Jewellery Design Award:

Award-winning works: Window. Dialogue   Award winner:Li Yang(China)

Award-winning works: Union od dualities   Award winner:Du Shan(China)

Award-winning works:Bead Tassel  Award winner:Shan Ying&Leng Xiaoying(China)

Award-winning works: Path of Practice  Award winner:Huang Yingya(China)

Award-winning works: Time Flies  Award winner:Ma Chao(China)