2019 IAI Jewelry (Weitang pearl) Design Creativity Award

2019 IAI Jewelry (Weitang pearl) Design Creativity Award

2019 IAI Jewelry (Weitang pearl) Design Creativity Award (abbreviation: IAI Jewelry creativity Award)


IAI Global Jewelry Design Awards Competition

The IAI Global Jewelry Design Awards, based on the design of the Oscar-IAI Global Design Awards, aims to create the world's top jewellery design awards, building a sustainable development platform for the jewelry industry with innovative ideas and market orientation, leading the innovation development of the jewelry industry. Combine creative inspiration with market value, integrate global quality resources with global vision, macro industry structure and brand creation concept. The competition adopts IAI's unique award setting and evaluation standards, with design innovation as the core appeal, fully inspiring the designer's inspiration and creative enthusiasm, providing a platform for outstanding designers to show their design wisdom and creating value, opening up an unprecedented space for the development of the jewelry industry.

Competition institution

Initiator: IAI Global Design Award ; APDF(Asian Pacific Designers Federation)

Organizer: APJD Asia Pacific(Suzhou) Jewelry Design Center; Weitang Town Pearl Association, Xiangcheng District,Suzhou

Co-hosting: IAI Global Jewelry Design Awards Organizing Committee

SponsorHaimei International (Suzhou) Smart Manufacturing Research And Development Community

Designated communication agency: APDF Media Center - International Link

Competition jury

Chinese and foreign authoritative jewellery authorities, design masters, well-known professors,founder of well-known jewelry brands.

Competition theme

Harmony. The Rhyme of East and West

Expressing the beauty of pearls, showing the harmonious beauty of contemporary Eastern and Western cultures

Entrants qualification

1. Jewelry designers, artists, cross-border designers, design college teachers and students, amateurs

2. Not limited to age, race, identity, nationality, profession, industry

3. No entry fee

Entry criteria

1. Entries must be originally designed for this competition, never previously exhibited, published and used for commercial purposes;

2. Pearls are essential materials for the work, and precious metals, natural diamonds, precious stones, colored stones, artificial crystals and other innovative materials can be combined. (Excluding rare stones, ivory, clam shells, and other materials from endangered species);

3. The work is in line with fashion trends and has potential commercial development value.

Evaluation criteria:



Wear resistance

Source of inspiration

1. The jury selected six IAI Global Jewelry (Pearl) Design Innovation Awards: IAI Jewelry Master Award, IAI Jewelry Originality Award, IAI Jewelry Material Innovation Award, IAI Jewelry Popularity Award, IAI Jewelry Classic Award, IAI Jewelry Design Star Award.

2. The organizing committee will select 10 design stars based on the market cooperation potential of designers and works, and reward the international study opportunities for jewelry design.

3. The competition jewellery organization will hold an award ceremony in December 2019 or the first quarter of 2020, and the winners will be invited to attend.

4. The contest will notify the winners by email.

5. The results of the review are not controversial.

Award settings

The jury selects six IAI Global Jewelry Design Innovation Awards:

IAI Jewelry Master Award

IAI Jewelry Originality Award

IAI Jewelry Materials Innovation Award

IAI Jewelry Popularity Award

IAI Jewelry Classic Award

IAI Jewelry Future Design Star Award


IAI Jewelry Master Award (60,000 RMB)

IAI Jewelry Innovation Award (30,000 RMB)

IAI Jewelry Materials Innovation Award (30,000 RMB)

IAI Jewelry Popularity Award (30,000 RMB)

IAI Jewelry Classic Award (30,000 RMB)

IAI Jewelry Design Star Award

Award ceremony

1. The competition jewellery organization will hold an award ceremony in December, and the winners will be invited to attend.

2. The winners will be notified by email .

3. The results of the review are indisputable.

Work requirements

1. With the theme of “melting the rhyme of things”, highlighting the characteristics of pearl materials, extending the application and creativity of pearl design, the works are original, innovative and contemporary.

2. All entries must be original works and must not be submitted in multiple drafts. No other competitions or publications may be submitted before the results of the competition. If the work is registered for another award during the competition, the organizer will not be responsible for the copyright, patents or disputes arising from subsequent publicity of the entries.

3. Entries must not be published in newspapers, magazines, websites and their media;

4. Design product size, material is not limited, the form of expression is not limited;

5. Work specifications:

(1)The rendering size of each piece is A4;

(2)The resolution is 300dpi;

(3)The submitted image format is JPG and TIF format;

(4)Image size is no more than 5M;

(5)Design instructions and material descriptions must be provided;

(6)Submitted manuscript must be electronic or hand drawn

6. Entries and submission forms will be submitted at the same time, otherwise it will be invalid;

7. The organizing committee of the competition will not return all submitted manuscripts, and participants should keep their own manuscripts;

8. The work must be submitted within the deadline of the work, and will not be accepted after the deadline;

9. Participants are advised to pay attention to the news of the competition process issued by the official of the contest. If in doubt, please contact the staff of the organizing committee.

The way of registration

1. Download the "IAI Global Jewelry Design Award Entry Form" from the official website of the competition or the public number of the contest, and submit the entries through the  member space in official website.

2. Participants can submit multiple entries at the same time, and each entry must submit a registration form.

3. The deadline for submission of works is August 26, 2019.

4. The registration information must be filled out truthfully. Once submitted, it cannot be modified. If there is false information, the organizing committee has the right to revoke the qualifications and honors of the work. IAI special prizes will be recovered if bonuses are involved. The Organizing Committee and the Judging Committee have the right to adjust the entry category of the work according to the rules of the event and the actual situation of the work.

Intellectual property and protection of entries

1. Participant responsibility

For entries, applicants are responsible for damages related to intellectual property, such as design property rights, quality, performance, safety, sales, construction, etc. The organizer does not assume any responsibility for such damage. The organizer will not be responsible for any disputes between the applicant and other third parties arising from the award.

2. Awards are withdrawn

If the following institutions happen, the organizer reserves the right to withdraw the prizes and honors of the IAI Design Award special prizes that have been won for the entries.

a. When the award-winning work causes damages due to functional defects, having a certain impact on society.

b. When the winning work is judged to be infringing on the intellectual property rights of the other party, or the related rights of design rights, etc.

c. Intellectual property defects in the winning works

d. Failure to comply with the requirements of the IAI Logo Usage Guidelines, or use the IAI logo without the consent of the organizer

3. Participation in the competition will not damage the intellectual property rights of the submitted design concept. The reasons are as follows:

a. If the design works are not awarded, they will not be announced, so the public is still anonymous.

b. If the design is awarded, there is at least two months between the notification result and the published work, so you have enough time to protect the record.

c. You can also apply for a project that is not published even if it is awarded (the participant must submit a written application within 5 working days after the registration is completed, otherwise it is considered a publicly available work). Only your name and work name will be announced at this time, and all design details will be kept confidential. You can still use the winning label to promote the award, but you can't use the yearbook, exhibition or potential media coverage.

d. If you are still concerned that the competition may affect intellectual property, we recommend that you seek legal advice from a lawyer or contact us to discuss your concerns.

e. Keep the process fair and efficient. The designer’s name, photo or company logo is not displayed when the entries are presented to the judges. Entries are also anonymous to avoid possible biases. The judges are academic leaders, design studio leaders, or editors of design publications, and are not related to the concepts submitted. If the judges involve certain concepts, they will be avoided during the review process.

f. The judges of the IAI Design Awards provide a fair and ethical selection in accordance with strict guidelines. In addition, the judges vowed to do their best to perform the duties of the judges fairly.

4. The intellectual property rights of all entries are owned by the entrant, among them, the co-sponsor of the special award has the priority transfer right of the intellectual property of the special award winning works.

Competition process

Event time:July 4, 2019 - Feburary 10, 2019

Starting time:July 4, 2019

Call for manuscript:July 4, 2019- October 29, 2019

Initial review time: November 10-November 15,2019

Final evaluation time: December 20-December 28, 2019

Award Ceremony: Junuary 14-15, 2019

(If there is any adjustment above, the final date of the competition organizing committee shall prevail.)

Return of entry

1.The organizing committee will start to arrange the returning work two months after the end of the awarding

ceremony.The transportation and customs duties arising from the return will be borne by the entrant.If special

packaging or insurance is required, the applicant must submit an application by email before January 1, 2020, and

provide the debit account for the international courier account. The organizing committee will start sending the

account after receiving the account.

2. Winners of all IAI Global Jewelry Design Awards who receive the prize must present the winning entries to the

Organizing Committee, and works for subsequent research and development purposes can be returned after the

completion of the research and development.

Finals and Awards Ceremony

All winners must attend the finals themselves, otherwise, it will be regarded as giving up the awards and bonuses.

All winners will be invited to attend the awards ceremony of the year. At that time, certificates and trophies will be

issued on the spot. If the winners fail to arrive at the venue, all the consequences will be borne by the participants.

Bonus for IAI Global Jewelry Design Awards

The IAI Global Jewelry Design Award will be awarded in accordance with China's relevant fiscal and tax regulations and procedures after the award ceremony. The domestic bonus recipient can be a company or individual account, and the foreign bonus recipient can only be an individual. If the recipient of the bonus and the submitter are different units or individuals, an additional written authorization signed and sealed by the submitting party shall be provided.

Once the entrant's work has been submitted, it is deemed to agree to the above regulations by default. The IAI Global Design Awards Organizing Committee maintains the final interpretation and jurisdiction

The way of contact

Contact: Ms. Cha ; Ms.Zong

Consult hotline: 13816551438  / +8621 62820584


Please add the Asia Pacific (Suzhou) Jewelry Design Center (APJD) public number to pay attention to the contest process.

Please click to read the entire article or scan the QR code below to download the competition charter and registration form.