The second APDF international council is the first meeting of the core council

   On December 18, 2017, APDF core member of the international council meeting in the bund of Shanghai dongda road was held in the "Chinese construction", honorary President of APDF Liu Yanshen, APDF founder chairman Oskar he(He Chang Cheng), chairman of the joint of APDF Europe Kees Spanjers (the Netherlands), APDF joint chairman lee soon in Asia (South Korea), vice President of APDF Adam Chen (Taiwan), APDF international board of directors Federica Moretti (meaning) and the Emilian (meaning) APDF French director (Eric Gizard), APDF international board of directors Massimo (meaning) and Susanna (meaning) during the first session of IAI international design festival, director of APDF candidate Li Junjun attended the meeting, the meeting is IAI in global promotion and cooperation plan, expansion of APDF upgrade ideas and set up cooperation in global institutions on issues such as the full discussion and exchange, reached a first meeting in Rome, Italy to set up the IAI and design centre willingness from Italy office.