The 16th IAI Design Exhibition in 2024 kicked off at Xiamen Garden Expo Park

On the morning of June 28, 2024, at around 10 o'clock, the 16th IAI Design Festival exhibition of 2024 was grandly held on Jiangnan Water Street in Xiamen Garden Expo Park, which is lush with greenery and blooming lotus flowers. It is reported that this is the third time IAI has held a design festival carnival in Xiamen, and the second consecutive time it has held related activities in Jimei District, attracting many industry elites and design enthusiasts to come.

At the opening ceremony, Chinese and foreign guests gathered inside and outside the IAI Design Exhibition Hall, creating a lively and extraordinary atmosphere. He Changcheng, Chairman of the Asia Pacific Designer Alliance, Chief Planner of the IAI Design Festival, and Founder of the IAI Design Award, delivered a speech explaining the significant significance of this event. He emphasized that this exhibition not only creates an excellent display stage for designers, stimulates innovative vitality, but also vigorously promotes industry exchanges, helps industry development, enhances public aesthetic level, allows people to deeply appreciate the optimization of design for life, and more effectively promotes cultural inheritance and innovation, achieving a perfect integration of tradition and modernity.

The guests attending the opening ceremony of this year's IAI Design Festival exhibition are from the leaders of the Jimei District Government, domestic and foreign design industry experts, and university leaders. They include Zheng Xiaoyan, Deputy District Mayor of Jimei District People's Government in Xiamen, Huang Daxing, Director of Jimei Street Office, He Changcheng, Chairman of APDF Asia Pacific Designer Alliance and initiator of IAI Design Award. The members of the IAI Chinese and foreign jury include Kees Spanjers, Co Chairman of APDF, Soonin Lee, Chairman of APDF Asia, Chen Guangxiong, Vice Chairman of APDF, Dalia Gallico, and Abel, International Director of APDF, Ma Lijuan, Dean of the School of Film and Television at Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University, and IAI. Jury, Associate Professor Gao Dong from Communication University of China, Researcher Xu Fei from the School of Fine Arts at Tsinghua University, and Dean of the School of Design at Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University, Marc Aurel, and other domestic and foreign design authorities, expert professors, and scholars.

At the ribbon cutting ceremony, seven Chinese and foreign guests including Zheng Xiaoyan, Deputy District Mayor of Jimei District People's Government, Kees Spanjers, Li Chunyin, Dalia, Abel, Dean of Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool Daxing Design School Marc, and Dean of Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University Film and Television School jointly cut the ribbon. With a crisp and pleasant firecracker, the current IAI Design Festival officially kicked off, and warm applause echoed on site to congratulate the grand opening of the IAI Design Exhibition!

After the ribbon cutting, the attending leaders, guests, and audience moved to the exhibition hall to visit the IAI Design Exhibition works, including the IAI Design Award History Review, IAI Interior Award, IAI Architecture Award, IAI Smart Creation Award, IAI Landscape Award, IAI Elite Award works, as well as the most creative award and lifetime achievement award works representing the peak of the IAI Awards. Chairman He Changcheng gave a detailed introduction to the main works and outstanding highlights of this exhibition to the onsite guests. Da Bai Technology, a local awardwinning institution from Xiamen, and Chen Bin, an awardwinning architect from Shanghai, made a special attendance to share award cases with the attending guests.

Undoubtedly, this year's IAI Design Festival is destined to become a brilliant feast in the design industry, contributing outstanding strength to promoting industry development and cultural innovation, while injecting strong impetus into Xiamen's creation as the Southeast Design Capital.