2023/2024 IAI Most Creative Award winner Superlimao

Superlimao Architecture Firm is renowned not only for its highquality architectural and spatial design works, but also for its sustainable

development philosophy of green, environmentally friendly, and reusable architecture as the foundation of design research. It observes

and creates the future through various analog and digital technology practices.

Superlimao has created numerous highquality works through extensive and rich case experiences, and has won numerous design awards

as a result, including the 2022 Global Innovation Award - Westin Hotel, the 2022 Brazilian Design Award - Westin Hotel, the 2022 Retail

Design Award - Westin Hotel. West Wing, the 8th St. Gobain Asbia de Alcitura Prince Award - Microsoft Headquarters, the 2020 Versailles

Award - World Architecture Design Award - Special External Award - Bulger Center, the 2020 Casa e Jardim Award - Apartment RF, the

2019 Premio Saint Gobain Habitat Sustent á vel Award - Commercial Building -2 o. 2018 Premio Brasil Design Award Categoria Design

de Varejo i Amaro Guide Shop de Higienopolis (2018), a Class I Lojas de Moda and Acess ó rios Amaro Health Guide Shop at the Brazilian

Premio Retail Design Institute, 2018 Brazilian Retail Design Institute Amaro Hygiene Guide Store - Aquitetura Ricco Facada, 2015 Abilux

Luminaria Design Award - Premio Casa Claudia, 2014 Elhor Estorio Idea Zarvas Award, 2014 Archdaily Annual Architecture Finals - Fernando

Jagger, 2012 Melhor da Aquitetura Casa Company, 2010 Dui IDEA/Brazil Award - Premio Casa Claudia Elhor Restaurant, 2009 Sal ã o Casa

Brasil Award -2 Premio Auro Cabaya North Project, 2005 Netherlands Latin American Design Recycling Award - Professional Cabanos Project,

2004 Sal ã o Design M ó vel Sul - Cadillas, 2003 7th "Brazilian Home Museum": 2023 "2kukos" Premio Casa Jadim Award - Debati. The 2023

Premio RDI Award - McDonald's Paradise. In addition, Superlimao has also published many scientific and technological papers in various

architectural  technology professional journals and related conferences.

The IAI Most Creative Award was established in 2019, not only as the highest honor of the IAI Design Award, but also represents the supreme

honor of the recipient's country and individual. It is only awarded to one candidate each year, and this award is not accepted. It is only conducted

by nominating candidates, and the winner is an individual or organization. Since its establishment, the award has been won by renowned

architects and institutions such as Giankarlo Mazzanti, Laurent Troost, SelgasCano, and Architecture. Superlimao has become the fifth recipient

of the IAI MostCreative Award and the first recipient from Brazil since the award was established.

                                                                       RICCó furniture @SUPERLIMÃO

                                                            TOCA DO URSO Brewery @SUPERLIMÃO

                                                                              MOM pet shop @SUPERLIMÃO

                                                                   LOTE multicultural space@SUPERLIMÃO

                                                                                Damyller Shop@SUPERLIMÃO

                                                                                  WESTWING @SUPERLIMÃO

                                                                                     BULLGUER @SUPERLIMÃO




 CANARY@SUPERLIMÃO                                                                     CSN@SUPERLIMÃO