2017*The First IAI International Design Festival

2017*The First IAI International Design Festival


                                                                         The 10th anniversary celebration of the IAI Global Design Award


Opening Ceremony

10:00       Host Tangtang

10:05        Leader of APDF give an address

10:20        Leader of government give an address

10:25       special guest give an address

10:35        agreement signing

10:40        IAI Yearbook presented to design institutes

10:50        Ribbon-cutting

IAI Green Design Innovative Series Forum

10:00        Democratic design

Speakers:  Iennie Malmgren(Sweden)   IKEA Leed Trader Free Range East Asia  

11:40     Visit the exhibition

City.Art & Design Forum

14:00       City space and art life

Speakers: Chen Guangxiong, Director of Taiwan Yuan jìng Joint Design Office, President of APDF Asia-Pacific Designer Union

14:20        Evolution of paper art

Speakers: Emiliano Galigani (Italy), Director and Curator, Cartasia Biennale, Federica Morett (Italy), Publisher, Cartasia Biennale

14:50       The Future and Development Trend of Urban Planning in China


Speakers: Neville Mars Neville Mars Architect, Chief Architect, Chairman of Dynamic Urban Foundation (Netherlands)

15:20-15:40  Tea break

16:10        Art leads the city in innovation

Speakers: Wang Zhong, Dean of School of Urban Design, Central Academy of Art, doctoral tutor \ Authoritative scholar of Chinese public art

16:40       Negotiations between design and power

Dai Fan (design genius)

17:10        Sofa forum


09:00       Relationship between Know how and design

Speaker: Eric Gizard French top ten designers, Air France first class designers

10:30       Q&A

Forum on Fashion life Aesthetics

14:00        New Chinese living space aesthetics

Speaker: Gao Xiangsheng (China), Professor of Southeast University School of Architecture, doctoral tutor

14:30        The Evolution of interior art

Speaker:        Volevatch company (France)

14:50       Tea break

15:10        Future space

Speaker: Susanna Mirza, Ph.D. in Architecture, Industrial and Electronic Architecture, University of Rome, Professor of Industrial Design, Department of Architecture, University of Rome Principal Instructor in Architectural Design, Interior Design, Exhibition Design and Business Design Course, MdAA Workshop Designer

15:40        The deign of public interiors

Speaker: Kees Spanjers (Netherlands), Co-Chair APDF (Europe), Former President of the European Interior Designers Union, Chairman of the 2012 World Interior Design Congress

16:10          Sofa forum

Forum Guest: Gao Xiangsheng Javier-Jimenez (China) Javier Eric Gizard (Spain) France Volevatch Company Tower Ranaroo Enrique (Italy)

17:00         End

17:00-18:30    sighn in & cocktail party

wisdom bay 3Dprinting museum third floor

The 10th IAI Global Design Awards Ceremony

Wisdom Bay International Convention Center

1830     Admission

1845     Host  Tang Tang

1900     Organizing Committee and guests speech

1915     IAI jury representative speech

1920     Awards

2105    Take a group photo


Master's special

09:00        The fate of soft power

Javier-Jimenez Javier-Jimenez Javier (Spain), Spanish architect and planner, has long been involved in the planning of cultural and creative activities in Europe, the Americas and Asia, participating in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain Abu Dhabi's "Louvre" planning and design.

10:30        Q&A

11:00       End

Technology & Design Innovation Forum

14:00        When the design encountered 3D printing

Speaker: Julie, China 3D Printing Museum Guest speaker: Julie, China 3D Printing Museum

14:30        Space Design and Implementation in VR Technology Space

Speaker: Niu Zeping, founder of Dimension 5VR, Singapore

15:20        Tea break

15:50        Design make the fourth industrial revolution

Speakers: Soonin Lee, Head of Seoul Design Center, Head of Asian Design Network and Chairman of Korea 3D Printing Forum, Professor, Hongik University, Korea

16:20         Sofa forum      

Massimo DAlessandro Julie, Niu Zeping, Soonin Lee,, Massimo D'Alessandro

17:00         End


Training day

Italian sense of beauty in design from ancient time to contemporary today

Speaker:      Enrico Taranta

Design Director, Tower Design Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. / Shanghai World Expo 2010 Exhibition Designe

History of Italian industrial design and luxury furniture for villas today

Speaker:  Massimo D'Alessandro, Professor of Architecture at the University of Rome, PhD supervisor in Business Design, Interior, Exhibition Design, Architecture, Founder / Design Director of the prestigious STASS studios

Workshops exercise about how to create moodboards for a luxury villa in Italian styles.


Susanna Mirza, Ph.D. in Architecture, Industrial and Electronic Architecture, University of Rome, Professor of Industrial Design, Department of Architecture, University of Rome Architectural design PhD supervisor, interior design, exhibition design and commercial design course of the main guidance professor, MdAA studio main designer


Instructors: Enrico Taranta Enrique Taruta, Massimo D'Alessandro, Susanna Mirza

Design Festival Inn

1. Mazu Mingli Furniture Museum - 686 Zhaojiabang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

2. Germany meissen Mason porcelain - Hengshan Square Xuhui District, Shanghai Hengshan Road 890, Lane on the 6th

3. Chinese to create - Shanghai Dadu Road 886, 2nd Floor

location: Zhihuiwan Technology Venture Park  No.6  Wenchuan Road Baoshan Shanghai