Dr. William Lim was Inducted into the 2022-IAI Hall of Fame

William Lim, graduated from the Department of Architecture of Cornell University. He has applied more than 20 years of rich experience and innovative thinking to more than CL3 projects, and has actively promoted the development of local architecture, culture and art in the past 20 years.

Willam Lim attaches great importance to culture and art, and is good at integrating the essence of human life into modern design to create inclusive works. He refers to: "Architects are responsible for improving the urban environment. Architecture is closely related to people's livelihood. The value of each building is not only the architect's design, but also the users of the building space. We attach importance to the interaction between people and space, and regard each project as a unique challenge. We carefully observe and study every detail from architecture to interior decoration to create a humanistic and artistic High quality design. "

Since he founded Silian Architectural Design Co., Ltd. (CL3) in 1992, Lin Weier has been attracting attention from all walks of life on the international design stage. CL3's award-winning and diverse design projects include hotels, restaurants, shops, enterprises, residences, residential clubs and installation art, including 2020 - Intercontinental Chongqing Raffles City (Chongqing, China), 2020 - Renaissance Shenzhen Bay Hotel (Shenzhen, China), 2019 - Haibin Hui (Hong Kong, China), 2017 - H QUEEN'S (Hong Kong, China), 2017 - GAYSORN 2 (Bangkok, Thailand).

William Lim has been active in the art world, especially in public art. He has held personal exhibitions and public art installations for many times, including the Coloured Lantern Grand View Garden held in Hong Kong in 2003 and 2011, the Venice Architecture Biennial Exhibition held in Italy in 2006 and 2010, and the Hong Kong Shenzhen City/Architecture Biennial Exhibition held in Hong Kong in 2007, 2009, 2012 and 2017. His works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Chengdu, the United States and the Netherlands. In 2013, "West Kowloon Theater 2013" won the Asia Most Influential Design Award and the Asia Most Influential Culture Special Award issued by the Hong Kong Design Center.

William Lim is committed to promoting culture and education. He is also a member of the Council of Cornell University, a member of the Art Gallery Advisory Committee of the Asian Association, a member of the Art and Culture Committee of the Asian Association, and an expert consultant of the Museum of the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department. In 2018, Savannah Academy of Art and Design (SCAD) awarded him an honorary doctorate. In 2019, he and his wife together donated nearly 100 pieces of art to the M+Museum.

As a famous designer in Hong Kong, Mr. William Lim not only has first-class design works, but also is modest and low-key. He is a respected design artist. He has won many awards and honors in well-known design competitions at home and abroad. Here, it is worth mentioning that Mr. William Lim has been actively participating in IAI competitions and won a series of awards since the birth of IAI, Become one of the designers who won the most and highest awards in the history of IAI,They include three gold awards in the first Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Grand Prix in 2006 and three gold, silver and copper awards in the second IAI Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Grand Prix in 2008. Two Best Design Awards and Best Lighting Design Awards in the Fourth Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Grand Prix in 2010. In 2012, the 6th Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Grand Prix was one of the best design awards, and was selected as the  top Ten Outstanding Chinese Designers and the most influential designer of the year. In 2014, the 8th IAI Design Award was held, and in 2017, it was invited to be the IAI Grand Prix of Global Alcohol Brand Design Masters. IAI Best Design Award and Silver Award in 2022. In view of Mr. William Lim's unremitting efforts in continuous innovation and development in the field of design and even art for a long time, and his sense of social responsibility reflected in his personal career of design. The IAI Hall of Fame judges elected Mr. Lin Weier as a candidate for the IAI Hall of Fame, On December 16, 2022, the IAI Hall of Fame Jury officially announced that Mr. Lin Weier would become a member of the 2022-IAI Hall of Fame.

Banyan Tree Anji / Huzhou

H Queen's / HongKong, China

Hyatt Regency Beijing Shiyuan / Beijing

▲Gaysorn / Bangkok

▲Renaissance Zhuhai Hotel / Zhuhai

Intercontinental Chongqing Raffles City / Chongqing

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