IDFFHK Signs Strategic Partnership with APDF

APDF has signed a strategic cooperation with the organizers of the exhibition, which will involve brand promotion, conference cooperation, award promotion, resource exchange and so on. The signing of the agreement will be further signed by IDFFHK (Hong Kong International Furniture Fair) To promote Hong Kong and the Mainland in the field of furniture design cooperation between the two sides to promote the interaction between the four designers to help China's home brand to the world.

IDFFHK Introduction:

Asia is becoming more affluent and has fostered the pursuit of luxury life, and the International Designers' Exhibition (IDFF) is just the right way to provide a platform for top brands. The first IDFF fake exhibition center in 2015 was held. The choice of Hong Kong as a venue for exhibitions was an understanding of the fact that Hong Kong was well versed in the arts and also appreciated the art of being a blend of Eastern and Western cultures. 2017 The second IDFF provides exhibitors with a wide range of activities for exhibitors to promote the brand image, explain the brand story, and include high net worth people from mainland China, as well as architects, interior designers, real estate Developers, retailers, hotel operators, distributors and other interactive. Exhibitors have Hong Kong and other Asian designers, but also Europe's well-known design brands. Expected in the three days of the exhibition, the number of visitors will be more than ten thousand.

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