The 12th IAI International Design Festival and IAI Design Award Ceremony will be held from July to August in Tianjin

With the care and vigorous support of the Deputy Mayor of Tianjin Xiangjun, the relevant departments of the Tianjin Municipal Government and other colleagues from all walks of life in Tianjin, the IAI International Design Festival and the 12th IAI Global Design Awards 2019 award ceremony will be held from July to August Held in Tianjin, and reached a consensus through a meeting with the Tianjin Municipal Government on May 9 through APDF and made a unanimous decision. The IAI International Design Festival will be held in Tianjin as an important international cultural exchange event this year. One of the core sections of the content of the anniversary celebration.

In view of this, the IAI International Design Organizing Committee plans to change the original awards ceremony, which was originally scheduled for this year's IAI International Design Festival, to a more innovative combination of cloud live broadcast and offline on-site awards. The exhibition will also be held in Tianjin during the same period. Park Plaza and the Sino-Italian Development Creative Center building are planned to be held in other public venues in Tianjin.

The event time is expected to be held from July to August 2020. More specific event time will be officially announced in the near future. IAI winners are urged to pay attention to APDF developments and related event notifications in time.