The design yearbook that everyone is looking forward to - is about to be released!

Dear readers

Waiting is the longest agony, but poetry and the distance are worth waiting for and watching. This may be a true portrayal of the publication

of these two editions of the IAI Design Yearbook. Although the 14th/15th edition of the Yearbook was not published as scheduled due to the

well-known pandemic, the successful publication and distribution of both volumes before the 16th IAI Awards undoubtedly added a strong

book fragrance to the exciting design activities and created a stronger academic atmosphere.

The two volumes of the yearbook will continue to be bilingual in both Chinese and English, and will be published and distributed globally for

the first time by Global Publishing. The two IAI Design Awards competitions have included over 2000 entries from designers and design

institutions from nearly 30 countries across four continents, including Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, Sweden,

the Netherlands, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, and other countries. More than 500 award winning works were ultimately selected for two

editions of the yearbook, covering three major design fields including IAI Interior Award,IAI Architecture Award, and IAI Intelligent

Manufacturing Award, totaling over 100 categories. The works include the Excellence Award, Bronze Award, Silver Award, Gold Award,

Best Design Award, as well as the IAI Most Creative Award and IAI Lifetime Achievement Award, which are known as the pinnacle of IAI awards.

These selected works fully showcase the rich and diverse themes, content, styles, and styles of IAI Design Award works, presenting the unique

style and characteristics of IAI as a global design award in a three-dimensional manner.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the designers, judges, experts, and publishing institutions who have participated in and supported the

organization of the IAI Design Award competition and the publication of the yearbook!



                                                                                                    Founder of IAI Design Award: He Changcheng/Oskar Ho