2022/2023 - IAI International Design Festival will debut in Amoy

2022 is another unusual year. After repeated outbreaks, IAI postponed the event time after time, and finally decided to hold this IAI International Design Festival in 2023. The preparation of awards, exhibitions and forums centering on IAI International Design Festival is now entering the comprehensive preparation stage, and a long-awaited design carnival will be staged in the spring of 2023.

"All the good things are worth waiting for", and time may be the best witness. After 14 years of hard work, IAI has not lost its way due to the epidemic, but has become more energetic and innovative.Especially in 2022, the continuous epidemic has had an unprecedented impact on our life and work, but the IAI platform has not pressed the pause button because of this. The entries poured in from all directions could feel the intense passion and motivation of the contestants. The IAI International Design Festival, which has attracted much attention from the industry, is held in Xiamen again, which is another practice of "Design changes the future" and "Design makes Life Better", and spreads the design aesthetics and forward- looking ideas to the public. Meanwhile, the exhibition of this Design Festival is open to the public for free, so that more visitors can have the opportunity to visit the exhibition. To achieve the dual purpose of satisfying the viewer's mental experience and visual aesthetic experience; Let the society pay more attention to the value of design and the cultivation of design talents; We will enhance the image of urban innovation and promote the sustainable and healthy development of urban creative industries and economy. At the same time, IAI Design Forum, which has always been focused on forward-looking design thinking and future development trend, will also hold a number of special speeches and dialogue forums, providing a valuable platform for people in the industry to exchange and learn.

After many site comparisons, the IAI award venue of this year's IAI International Design Festival was selected as the grand Howard Johnson Hotel Jimei Lake and Jimei Jiageng Art Center, both of which have the magnificent architectural style of the hometown of overseas Chinese in southern Fujian.The IAI Event Pavilion is held in these two highly symbolic buildings, which is of special significance. It reflects the high compatibility between IAI Design Award and Jiageng's spirit of loyalty, honesty, perseverance, diligence and frugality, and the spirit of innovation. Both of them blend, complement and complement each other.IAI winners from home and abroad will gather at Howard Johnson Hotel Jimei Lake beside the beautiful Xinglin Bay in Jimei for the annual Design Award ceremony and witness the highlight of the IAI winners. In Xiamen, the Astringent Bar of Junhao Club will hold a special reception for the IAI winners. All these will be the exciting moments of this IAI International Design Festival.

Design and creative activities can not only promote the development and progress of the industry, but also bring talents to a city, show the image of urban innovation, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the city and industry. Enhance the public's design awareness and aesthetic cultivation, realize the creation of value and improve the quality of life. Although the IAI International Design Festival has been delayed due to the epidemic, the IAI organizers have always been in line with the concept of sustainable development, overcome numerous difficulties and constantly challenge themselves. I believe that another wonderful and successful design event will be realized by then,and more creative talents will be seen on the IAI stage.

IAI International Design Festival Venue introduction

IAI Award venue - Howard Johnson Hotel Jimei Lake
Howard Johnson Hotel Jimei Xiamen is located in the core area of Jimei New City, adjacent to Xinglin Bay Business operation Center, one of the three CBD of Xiamen, backed by natural oxygen bar Jimei Civic Park, Xiamen City Library, Cheng Yi Science and Technology Museum, Jimei Art Center, Garden Expo Garden and other cultural and educational attractions are close at hand. The overall architecture style is the red tile ancient house and Chinese and Western combination of Jiageng architectural style, built near Xinglin Bay; As one of the world's largest hotel groups, Wyndham is a part of the standard five-star hotel.

From the hotel, you can walk to the station and subway entrance, drive 15 minutes to Xiamen North Station and 25 minutes to Gaoqi Airport. The transportation is convenient. The appearance of the hotel is the typical architecture style of Jiageng, which combines Chinese and Western elements with the southern Fujian roof and Western style house. The decoration style that highlights the sense of fashion integrates Chinese elements. The vision is surrounded by water on three sides.

"Place" is expressed as "context" in terms of historical continuity. Context is often created by evolution, which includes not only the style and shape of surrounding buildings, but also the urban environment. "Jiageng Style" is the carrier of the thought of "context" in this area. The project and the "Jimei Central District Public building Cluster" are mutually "supporting" and "background", which jointly create the iconic features of the city and provide orientation identification for pedestrians. The unified "Jiageng style" makes the architectural complex rolling and emerging into a scale effect, constituting the "context" characteristics of the above urban environment.







IAI Exhibition venue - Ka Kee Art Center

Located in Xinglinwan Road, Jimei, Xiamen, Kah Kee Arts Center is a cultural center named after Mr. Chen Kah Kee. The building layout is east-west. It is divided into three functional areas: the central area is the entrance hall, the north area is the theater and rehearsal hall, and the south area is the movie hall and multi-functional hall. Inside the building are commercial and cultural facilities such as restaurants, boutiques, cafes and exhibition halls. This is a comprehensive cultural center with complex functions and grand scale.