The 4th IAI International Design Festival and the 13th IAI Design Award Ceremony hold in Xiamen

The 4th IAI International Design Festival and the 13th IAI Design Award Ceremony will be held in Xiamen , which is also the first time IAI has held the award ceremony in Fujian since its establishment.

Xiamen is an important center city , port and tourist city along the southeast coast, the city of high-quality innovative and entrepreneurship, high level of ecological garden city, meanwhile, Xiamen is one of the first four special economic zones, set by the State Council, "One Belt And One Road" sea and land transport hub and Hub for People-to-People Exchange. Xiamen was awarded Innovation Base of BRICS New Industrial Revolution Partnership on December 2020. Xiamen will usher in unprecedented huge historical development opportunity.

On this occasion,The 4th IAI International Design Festival was officially invited to Xiamen, which further proves the influence of IAI brand in the industry, and also reflects the values and development orientation of design empowerment advocated by the Asia-Pacific Designers Alliance. At the same time, it fully demonstrates that Xiamen, as a city with pattern, pursuit and charm, is an open and inclusive city combining Chinese and Western elements. It has unleashed unprecedented innovation vitality with its unique overseas Chinese culture and Marine culture, and it shows the code of the transformation of Chinese cities.The opening of IAI International Design Festival in Xiamen is just in the beginning year of China's 14th Five-Year Plan, which has a significant and far-reaching impact on Xiamen's efforts to build a "One Belt And One Road" maritime and land transportation hub and people-to-people exchange hub, as well as the construction of a BRICS partner base for the new industrial revolution.

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