The 3rd IAI International Design Festival was grandly held in Tianjin

After a long wait of 8 months, the third IAI International Design Festival finally waved goodbye to the pandemic with the strong support of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government and leaders at all levels. It was officially decided the third IAI International Design Festival was held in Tianjin on August 27th-28th, 2020. On August 28, Tianjin Minyuan Plaza, this century-old landmark building ushered in the first international design event in history. Mr.Jin Xiangjun-- Deputy Mayor of Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, Oskar Ho -- President of Asia Pacific Designers Federation (APDF) and Chairman of IAI Design Award, Mr. Massimo --Vice Chairman of European Chamber of Commerce in China, and design professionals from domestic and abroad include award-winning designers, college teachers and students, professors, and leaders of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government and guests from all walks of life gathered on the IAI awards stage of Minyuan Plaza to witness the award ceremony of the most innovative design award in the world today. This is not only an important event in the Chinese and international design circles, but also a historical memorial. International design activities, and this international design carnival held in Tianjin in the post-pandemic moment fully demonstrates the urban charm of Tianjin, the future design capital. Moreover, it indicates that China has been out of the pandemic, and the social-economic and cultural life of the people has begun. The overall recovery, a positive signal from China sent to the world by design activities which demonstrates China's self-confidence and bright prospects for the future.

From August 27th-28th, from the Minyuan Plaza to the interior space of the China-Italian Creative Development Center, the creative elements of the IAI International Design Festival can be seen everywhere, and it has become a unique and beautiful scenery line in the Five Avenue District. At the same time, we witnessed a series of wonderful activities of the IAI International Design Festival. From the inauguration ceremony of the IAI International Design Exchange Center to "Design Empowers City, From the Creative Boosting Culture and Investment Promotion Conference of Xiaoyanglou, to the Asia-Pacific Designers Federation Exchange Meeting and IAI Future Design Forum, then to the wonderful activities such as IAI book donation to colleges and IAI South America promotion ambassador award ceremony, and finally to the focus of IAI International Design Festival-IAI Awards Ceremony. The whole design festival is like a colorful visual feast, unforgettable .

As the finale event of the design festival, the 12th IAI Design Award Ceremony was held in Minyuan Plaza on the evening of the 28th, which not only attracted the attention of domestic design festivals, but also attracted attention from the global design community. The winners and works of the 12th IAI come from dozens of countries and regions in Asia, Europe, North and South America, including China (Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan), Malaysia, France, Bulgaria, Italy, the Netherlands, Albania, the United States, and Colombia. A total of 1,476 entries were submitted. After three rounds of review, 351 entries were shortlisted. Finally, 13 best design awards, 26 gold awards, 36 silver awards, and 65 bronze awards were selected. In addition to the grand awards ceremony, the exhibitions of this design festival are also very distinctive, especially the IAI photo exhibition at Minyuan Plaza is spectacular, surrounded by the entire inner side of the Minyuan Plaza and the surrounding pillars are full of creative IAI. The design award masterpiece seems to turn the entire Minyuan Square into a super large design museum. In the China-Italian Creative Development Center, which is only one road away from the Minyuan, exhibited the IAI Smart Manufacturing Award Exhibition, the Modern Innovative Life Art Exhibition, the Tianjin Museum "Tianjin Gift" series of cultural and creative products special exhibition, and Dasha who is a modern artists from Belarus creative photography and modern painting exhibition, Bulgarian sculptor’s elemental sculpture video exhibition and domestic artist Zhang Bin’s solo exhibition. The exhibition content covers home furnishings, food, packaging, brands, clothing, soft clothing and other products. Although participations and the number of exhibited works were restricted due to the pandemic, the scale of the exhibition is not large. However, the content of the exhibits is abundant and distinctive. Therefore, throughout this year's design festival activities, regardless of the event specifications, format and content, it surpasses previous ones. With the increasing maturity and influence of IAI International Design Festival, we can foresee that the next IAI International Design Festival will be more exciting, cross-border, full of creativity and uniqueness!

Undoubtedly, the third IAI International Design Festival is a truly public-oriented design event. Choosing to hold this design festival in Tianjin has a special meaning and an extraordinary impact. Letting excellent design enter millions of households, integrating into the lives of the people, leading the future citizens’ livelihood and the healthy sustainable development of the economy. It promotes Chinese brands to the world, Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, and enhances China from a big design country to a powerful design country. At the same time, the Asia Pacific Designers Federation and the IAI Design Award have settled in Tianjin as an internationally influential design organization and a design platform with international reputation, which will play a positive role in promoting the transformation and development of the city and industry. Tianjin, the design capital of northern China, will work closely with APDF in the future to create a world innovation and design capital with unique characteristics and cultural charm of Tianjin.

The Opening Ceremony of the 3rd IAI International Design Festival and the 12th IAI Design Awards Ceremony

Oskar Ho, Founding President of APDF and Chairmn of AI Design Award, accompanied Vice Mayor Jin Xiangjun and Vice Chairman of European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, Mr. Massimo, visited the IAI exhibition at Minyuan Plaza

Opening ceremony of IAI International Design Festival

Vice Mayor Jin Xiangjun given a welcome speech at the opening ceremony of the 3rd IAI International Design Festival and the 12th IAI Design Award Presentation Ceremony

Mr. Massimo, Vice Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce in China, given a speech at the opening ceremony

Oskar Ho, Founding President of APDF and Chairman of IAI Design Award, given a speech at the opening ceremony

Works of the IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Award (Partial)

"Mini Piano Lipstick box" became the first collection of the IAI Design Award Museum (under preparation)

APDF Life Aesthetics Innovation Design Exhibition

IAI International Design Exchange Center Unveiling Ceremony

President of IAI Design Award presents yearbook to representatives of Tianjin Design Institute

IAI Future Design Forum

Oskar Ho, Founding President of APDF and Chairman of IAI Design Award,made a keynote speech on "IAI Design Award, Promoting Chinese Creation"

Brand Strategy and Design Professor Florin given a keynote speech on "Brand Design under COVID-19"

Liu Dehua, Deputy Dean of Beijing Turen Landscape Design and Research Institute, made a keynote speech on "City and Beauty, Culture and People"

Colombian Society of Architects, famous designer Giancarlo Mazzanti gave a keynote speech on " Thinking about future architecture".

Dutch design master Kees Spenjers gave a video keynote speech on "Creating Living Space after the Epidemic"

Zhang Qiang, Director of the Decoration Design Institute of Tianjin Architectural Design Institute, "Historical District Embraces New Business Mode"

Huang Bin, general manager of 3M Greater China, made a keynote speech on "Technology Improves Life"

The president of IAI Design Award presents a speech certificate to the speakers

IAI Design Award Founding President Oskar Ho awarded the "IAI Promotion Ambassador" certificate to Mr. Abel

Linen Artists & APDF Asia Pacific Designer Alliance Strategic Joint Authorization Ceremony

"Design empowers the city, creativity boosts culture" themed seminar---"Historic district embraces new business formats" and Xiaoyanglou(the little Western House) Merchants Association

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