Vice Mayor Xiang Jun met with Mr. Oskar Ho, founding chairman of Asia Pacific Designers Federation

On May 9, Xiang Jun, Vice Mayor of Tian Jin, with Mr. Oskar Ho, the founding chairman of the Asia-Pacific Designers Alliance, and Mr. Zhang Ming, general manager of Ang Li (Tianjin) Group and Sino-Italian Development and Creative Center, and participated in Tianjin's "Design Capital" To build and promote the future event of IAI Global Design Award related events in Tianjin.

The Vice Mayor of the Tian Jin welcomed the visit of Mr. Oskar Ho and his party, and expressed their concerns about the situation of the Italian epidemic. He introduced the basic situation of the city as a "design capital", welcomed the IAI Design Award and the APDF headquarters in Tianjin,

and expressed his support for the idea of the China-Italy Development and Creative Center to take the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Italy and hold a series of activities in Tianjin ; Hope that this activity will gather more high-quality designers and educational resources to Tianjin, and promote more high-quality design projects to settle down. The municipal government will wholeheartedly provide services for the development of enterprises in Tianjin.

Mr. Oskar Ho introduced the idea and plan of holding the IAI Design Award in Tianjin. He said that Tianjin has a profound cultural heritage and rich historical and architectural resources. It is optimistic about Tianjin's development and is willing to gather creative resources to promote the integration of design and industry.

Zhang Jiahua, deputy secretary general of the municipal government, and responsible comrades of the Municipal Planning and Resources Bureau, the Municipal Commerce Bureau, and the Hexi District Government attended the meeting.