APDF will launch a new open platform

APDF will establish a more open community communication platform in 2020, the scope covers a wide range, including design education,design activities, design centers, including design education, design activities, design centers, international communication,etc. At the sametime, except for the American branch, APDF will establish more branches and community platforms globally, such as the UAE, Japan, Thailand,Malaysia, Spain, and the United Kingdom, and set up professional branches based on the development of emerging design fields. Mr. MShamwi (Dubai) expressed great expectations and excitement that APDF will set up a branch in Dubai, and said that he would activelyparticipate in future cooperation.

APDF will support the branches and will focus on the concept of sustainable design development. At that time, local branches will announcethe launch under APDF initiative.You will see that APDF begins to change, because APDF will restart a new chapter in 2020,we hope this will providemore opportunities for the branches’ leadership team, so that local designer members can meet and thrive by rich and valuable contentprovided by those leadership team. If APDF members are interested in the above information or wish to establish a professional branch in thelocal area, please contact the APDF Community Development Department at iai-ap@iai-ap.org.

Thank APDF members and professionals for actively participating in and supporting our new branches!