Introduction to 2019 IAI International Design Festival

2019 IAI International Design Festival

The 12th Design Awards Award Ceremony

DATE:   Feb 14,2020- Feb 18,2020

VENUE:    Shanghai /Suzhou

THEME:   Design Creates the Future

ORGANIZERS:   APDF-Asia Pacific Designers Federation

CO-ORGANIZER:   IAI Design Award Organizing Committee , Shanghai Kuan Di

Cultural Development Co., Ltd.

PURPOSE:  The IAI International Design Festival is held annually to promote the city's innovative image , To achieve talent gathering and generate creativity, promote and industrial transformation and upgrading, through design and innovation and enhance the public's design awareness and aesthetic cultivation, to achieve value creation and improve the quality of life through creative events such as competitions, exhibitions, forums and







Opening Ceremony of the IAI International Design Festival

Feb 14


● Shanghai  

 Leadership Speech

 Guest Speech

 Opening ceremony ribbon-cutting

APDF Master Forum

Feb 14

● 14:00 -17 : 00  

Indoor forum

  • Speech Topics:Urban space

    Guest speakerChen Guangxiong (Taiwan, China) Famous architect and interior designer, chairman of Taiwan Green Zhihui Industry Alliance, design director of round mirror joint design firm

    Speech topicsFuture Indoor Space

    Guest speaker:Kees Spenjers, chairman of the European Commission of Interior Architects (ECIA), co-chairman of the Asia Pacific Designers Federation (APDF), main founder / design director of ZaanenSpanjers Architects Firm, Amsterdam

    Architectural Forum

    Speech topicsSustainable Buildings

    Guest speakerMing Zhang (USA), academician of the American Institute of Architects, founder / design director of MZA Architects Firm

    Speech topics:Outside the Building Space

    Guest speakerEva Jiricna (UK),renowned architect, Czech national treasure hall-level design master

    Speech speechBuildings of the Future

    Guest speakerGiancarlo Mazzanti (Colombia), Candidate for the Pritzker Architecture Award 2020

    Interactive session

    Intelligent Manufacturing Forum

    Speech topicsFusion and Transformation of Chinese and Western Designs

    Guest speaker:Michael Young(UK),internationally renowned designer, British designer with the most "Chinese design" voice

    Interactive session

    Cocktail Party

    ● 17:00-18:00

    The 12th IAI Design Awards Ceremony


    Venue : Shanghai

    Activity process

    1900 - 1905      Lucky draw
    18:00 - 18:10     Opening Show

    18:10 - 18: 20      Guest speech
    18:20 - 18:50     Prize presentation
    18:50 - 19:00     Show

    ● 19:05 - 19:50     Prize presentation

    ● 19:50 - 19:55     Prize presentation
    ● 19:50 - 20 : 00      Take a group photo

    APDF Life Aesthetics Innovation Design Exhibition

    Exhibition Contents

    ● Yazhu mutual appreciation , gentleman  style  - China  Contemporary  Bamboo               Art Exhibition

    ● New Media Art Interactive Experience Exhibition

    ● Elemental Sculpture Exhibition (Bulgaria)

    IAI Design Award Exhibition

    Exhibition content

    ● IAI Indoor Awards Exhibition Area

    ● IAI Architecture Awards Exhibition Area

    ● IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Awards Exhibition Area

    Exhibition Date February 14-18

    ■ Shanghai

    * IAI winners/APDF full members/IAI award participants will be preferred to participate in this IAI International Design Festival,Please add APDF Wechat number:apdf13816578549, or scan following QR code.

    * Other activities are being added during the same period, if the activities are temporarily adjusted, please refer to the latest announcement information, thank you for your attention!