Brief introduction of 2019-2020 IAI International Design Festival

2019-2020 IAI International Design Festival

The 12th IAI Design Award Ceremony

DATE: Feb 14,2020- Feb 18,2020Please wait patiently for our notice

VENUE: Tianjin Cultural Center Grand Theater-Concert Hall

THEME: Design Creates the Future

ORGANIZERS: APDF-Asia Pacific Designers Federation

CO ORGANIZERS: CIDCC-China Italy Development Creative Center

STRATEGIC COOPERATION : International Council the  Belt and Road    NOrth America China Council    Central Academy of Fine Arts      Fudan University National Center for Cultural Innovation Research     Only Italy Group

CO-ORGANIZER:  IAI Design Award Organizing Committee , Shanghai Kuan Di Cultural Development Co., Ltd.

PURPOSE: The IAI International Design Festival is held annually to promote the city's innovative image , To achieve talent gathering and generate creativity, promote and industrial transformation and upgrading, through design and innovation and enhance the public's design awareness and aesthetic cultivation, to achieve value creation and improve the quality of life through creative events such as competitions, exhibitions, forums and awards.







Feb 14

Opening Ceremony


Leadership Speech

● Guest Speech

● Opening ceremony ribbon-cutting

● Visit to the IAI Global Design Awards Works Exhibition, APDF Life Aesthetics Innovation Works Exhibition

Roundtable Conference Theme: Building Aesthetic Day and Night

Feb 15


At the sign-desk entrance ●   9:00

Thousands of people signature or hand-painted a 100-

meter long scroll with the title: "The wisdom of the city, creative Tianjin"

APDF International Design Forum

●  9:30 - 16:00

Art + Fashion Design Sub-Forum 9:30

Dasha (Belarus): Creative photographer and designer of modern art

Shanying (China): Founder and Chief Designer of the "Silk Tassel" brand,  Dean of Suzhou Mei Zhuishi International Design Institute

Blockchain and Design Innovation 10:15

Lecture Theme: Blockchain and Design Innovation

Keynote Speaker : Xia Xuemin  (China),  Deputy Director of China Blockchain (Sandbox) Research Center of China World Trade Organization Research Association (Ministry of Commerce), Chief Digital Technology Expert of Shanghai Jiaotong University Cultural Technology Innovation Development Center.(To be determined)

Lecture Theme: City and Beauty, Culture and Tourism

Keynote speaker: Wang Huijun (China), Director of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism  

APDF Master Forum

Intelligent Manufacturing Design 11:30

Lecture Theme: Chinese and Western Design Fusion and Innovation

Keynote Speaker : Michael Young (UK), an internationally renowned designer , and a British   designer with the most "Chinese design" voice

Lecture Theme: Modern Visual Arts

Keynote Speaker : Wang Min (USA), professor and doctoral supervisor of the Central Academy of     Fine Arts (To be determined)

Green Eco Design 13:30

Keynote Speakers: Yao Zhennan (China) , Shanghai World Expo Landscape Design Expert,   Member of the Science and Technology Committee of Shanghai Urban and Rural Construction and Transportation Committee, has been invited to teach the "Landscape Construction" course of Peking University Landscape Design Research Institute

Kongjian Yu (China): Academician of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Dean of the School of Architecture and Landscape Design of Peking University (To be determined)

Architectural Forum 14:10

Lecture ThemeSustainable Buildings

Keynote SpeakerMing Zhang (USA), academician of the American Institute of Architects, founder / design director of MZA Architects Firm,Candidate for the IAI Best Creativity Award 2019

Lecture ThemeBuildings of the Future

Keynote Speaker: Giancarlo Mazzanti (Colombia), Candidate for the IAI Best Creativity Award 2019

Interactive Session14:50

Lecture Theme:Outside the Building Space 15:00

Keynote Speaker:Eva Jiricna (UK),renowned architect, Czech national treasure hall-level design master

Indoor Forum 15:40

Lecture Theme:Future Indoor Space

Keynote Speaker: Kees Spenjers, chairman of the European Commission of Interior Architects (ECIA), co-chairman of  the Asia Pacific Designers Federation (APDF), main founder / design director of ZaanenSpanjers Architects Firm, Amsterdam

Lecture Theme: Interior Design in the Future

Keynote Speaker: Chen Guangxiong (Taiwan, China) ,deputy director of APDF, director of Taiwan Round Mirror Architects,architect,planner,interior designer, director of Taiwan Green Smart Venture Alliance

Interactive session 16:20

Forum Ending  16:30

Cocktail Party&Buffet Dinner


Award Ceremony


● Tianjin Grand Theatre - Concert Hall

Activity process

17:00 Check-in Session

18:00 Cocktail Party & Buffet Dinner

● 18:10 Opening Dance Performance

● 18:20 Guest Speech

● 18:50 Prize Presentation

● 19:05 Entertainment Performance

● 19:50 Prize Presentation

● 20:10 Group Photo Of the Winners And Guests

● 20:20 Free Photos For The Winners

● 21:00 End Of The Award Event


Exhibition Date: Feb 14-18

Exhibition  Site: Minyuan Square,83 Chongqing Road, Heping District, Tianjin

APDF Life Aesthetics Innovation Design Exhibition

Exhibition Contents

● Yazhu mutual appreciation , gentleman  style  - China  Contemporary  Bamboo  Art Exhibition

● Silk Tassel Story

● New Media Art Interactive Experience Exhibition

● DASHA-Modern Art & Creative Photography Exhibition

● APDF Modern Art and Life Aesthetic Innovation Exhibition

● Elemental Sculpture Exhibition (Bulgaria)

Tianjin Architecture, Design, Art Exhibition

● Italian original brand furniture exhibition

IAI Design Award Exhibition

Exhibition content

IAI Indoor Award Exhibition Area

IAI Architecture Award Exhibition Area

IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Award Exhibition Area

● IAI Special Award-IAI (Weitang Pearl) Jewellery Design Creativity Award Exhibition Area

* IAI winners/APDF full members/IAI award participants will be preferred to participate in this IAI International Design Festival,Please add APDF Wechat number:apdf13816578549, or scan following QR code.

* Other activities are being added during the same period, if the activities are temporarily adjusted, please refer to the latest announcement information, thank you for your attention!