Brief introduction of 2019-2020 IAI International Design Festival

2019-2020 IAI International Design Festival

The 12th IAI Design Award Ceremony

DATE: August 27- 28,2020

VENUE: Tianjin (China Italy Development Creative Center, Minyuan Conference Hall, Minyuan Square and exhibition area)

THEME: Design Creates the Future

ORGANIZERS: APDF-Asia Pacific Designers Federation


China Italy Development Creative Center (CIDCC)

Interior Architecture Design Exchange Center (CIID)

Tianjin Environmental Decoration Association


Tianjin Bureau of Commerce

People's Government of Heping District


China Italy Creative Brand Management (Tianjin) Co., LTD

DSPAZIO Space Business Management Co. LTD


The 3rd IAI International Design Festival 2019-2020 and the 12th IAI global design awards, held by the international design competition in the field of artistic innovation, exhibitions, series of activities, such as BBS and prize for Tianjin international design of power, based on the small building of Tianjin characteristic resources, attracting domestic and international famous design institutions and enterprises to visit Tianjin, seize the development opportunity in Tianjin, embrace Chinese and foreign excellent culture, science and technology, design, fashion, creativity and innovation, to Tianjin to gather more creative, creative quality brands and excellent enterprises in Tianjin and development. Putting this on the design of the section with international influence and global successive awards settle in Tianjin, and create IAI international design exchange center in Tianjin, let design can assign city, creative power culture, science and technology to improve life, advocating green, sustainable development, promote the Tianjin city and industrial upgrading, and strive to make talents gathered, business gathering.



Time: 9:30-12:00 on August 28

Venue: Minyuan Conference Hall

Theme content: People wisdom into a city, creative Tianjin

Theme seminar on "Design empowering Cities, Creativity Empowering Culture" --

"Historic districts embrace new business forms" and small houses for merchants


● Time: 13:30-16:30 on August 28

● Venue: Minyuan Conference Hall

Theme content: Build APDF Green Ecological and Global Cooperation Platform

●  APDF Domestic Cooperation & Exchange Seminar

●  APDF International Cooperation and Exchange Seminar

●  IAI Design Award Yearbook Book Donation Ceremony (Tianjin Design Institute)


Design wisdom, number makes the future

Theme: IAI Intelligent Creation Award, boost China's creation

Speaker: Oskar Ho (China) founding President of APDF/Chairman of IAI Design Award

Theme: "Design Convergence and Innovation under COVID-19"

Speaker: Florin (Switzerland),Vice chairman of APDF brand design professional committee,Dai (Design, Architecture & Identity) brand consultant, Design director / founder.

VIKU era, innovation first

Theme: City and Beauty, culture and people

Speaker: Liu De Hua (China), Deputy Dean of Beijing Turen Landscape Design and Research Institute, Chief Architect, Senior Engineer, (Professor Level), National First-Class Registered Architect

Theme: Thinking about future architecture

Speaker: Giancarlo Mazzanti, IAI Best Creativity Award, Founder of Mazzanti & Arquitectos SAS - El Equipo Mazzanti

Theme: Lifestyle and interior design trends

Speaker: Eva Jiricna (Czech), Honorary Chairman of the APDF International Council, Famous Czech architect, Czech National Treasure Level design master

Theme: Creating a post-epidemic living space

Speaker: Kees Spenjers (Netherlands), Co-Chairman of APDF, President of World Interior Design Conference 2012,former Chairman of ECIA/Dutch National Interior Design Association (BNI),council member of IFI,Principal founder/Design Director of ZaanenSpanjers Amsterdam

Theme: Historic districts embrace new formats

Speaker: Zhang Qiang, Director and chief engineer of Tianjin Architectural Design Institute decoration Design Institute

Theme: Technology improves lives

Speaker: Huang Bin (China), General Manager of 3M Commercial Solutions Department Greater China

Event guests (live guests & Video guests)


Time: 19:30-21:00 on August 28

Venue: Minyuan Sunken Square

Activity process

●19:15 Guests entry

●19:25 Leaders entry

●19:30 Opening video

●19:35 Host introduces guests

●19:40 Leader welcome speech

●19:43 APDF president Speech

●19:45 China European and American Chamber of Commerce vice chairman speech

●19:46 IAI International Design Exchange Center establishment

●19:48 Opening performance

●19:51 Host attends the show

●19:52 Award Ceremony

●20:11【Creative Tianjin】Award Ceremony

●20:20 DJ live, fashion show

●20:30 Host attends the show

●21:00 Awards section

●21:00 Host attendance

●21:00 Award winners announced

●21:00 Winners take a group photo

●21:00 Winners and guests take a group photo

●21:00 Guests' speech

●21:00 Host attends the show

●21:00 DJ live music

●21:00 Event ends


Exhibition Date: August 28 - August 31

Exhibition Address: Sunshine Corridor of Zhongyi Development Creative Center,

Landscape Corridor of Minyuan Square (83 Chongqing Road, Runxingli, Heping District, Tianjin, China)

APDF Life Aesthetics Innovation Design Exhibition

The Exhibition Contents

● Story of silk ribbon

● DASHA- Modern Art & Creative Photography Exhibition

● Image Exhibition of Element Sculpture (Bulgaria)

IAI Global Design Award Exhibition

The Exhibition Contents

● IAI Indoor Award exhibition area

● IAI Architecture Award Exhibition area

● IAI intelligent creation Award exhibition area

● IAI Special Award -IAI (Weitang Pearl) Jewelry Design Creative Award exhibition area

"Creative Tianjin" Design and Art Exhibition

The Exhibition Contents

● Tianjin Architecture, design, art Exhibition

● "Creative Tianjin" first season competition award exhibition

● Italian brand furniture Exhibition

● Exhibition of works of young artists

● Tianjin Gift - Cultural and Creative exhibition area

*The final event information is subject to the content published on the day of the event. Thank you for your attention!