2019 APDF voices UN Civil Society conference caused attention of people from various circles

The 68th UN Civil Society Conference was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, August 26-28, 2019. The theme of the conference is:「Building Inclusive and Sustainable Cities and Communities」

The annual meeting of the United Nations Conference on Non-Governmental Organizations attracts thousands of representatives of non-governmental organizations, academia, the public and private sectors, and other youth leaders from around the world to discuss key issues concerning the current agenda of the United Nations. Co-sponsored by the United Nations Department of Global Communications, Salt Lake City and the NGO Executive Committee, the conference is the premier event on the calendar of UN NGOs and the largest NGO conference in the world. It is an important way for the United Nations to practice civil society's participation in the affairs of the United Nations. It has received strong support from the past Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the General Assembly.

President He Changcheng was invited to participate in this meeting with representatives from non-governmental organizations, UN agencies, academia, faith traditions, the public and private sectors, and other youth leaders from around the world. As the only speaker in the design field of this conference, he gave a keynote speech on “Designing for the Earth” at the “Digital Economy and Innovation Design Seminar”,calling on global designers to focus on the future of the planet and to direct their practices to a sustainable agenda that creates a more sustainable world ecosystem for the planet and all its inhabitants. Therefore, the speech was particularly eye-catching. After the speech, many international friends from the conference took photos with President He and expressed their expectation to establish close communication and cooperation with APDF.

In addition, the speech has won special attention from the top of the UN NGOs. The new co-chair of the UN Executive Committee and the director of the Executive Committee of the NGO Department of Public Information, Patrick Sylatta, specially invited President He to write an article. He hoped that APDF will inject more new ideas and plans for the next conference, provide meaningful cooperation for the goals of sustainable cities and inclusive societies and provide a solid platform for cooperation. And hoped to drive us to the better world we are pursuing through these ideas and action plans.

This picture is an interview to President He Changcheng by the UN media on the spot.