The IAI International Design Festival and the 11th Global Design Awards Ceremony successfully concluded in Shanghai

On December 8, 2018,the annual IAI International Design Festival and the 11th Global Design AwardsCeremony were successfully held in Shanghai Exhibition Center. It is understoodthat the IAI International Design Festival is held annually, aiming at enhancingthe innovative image of the city through holding competitions, exhibitions,forums, awards and other creative activities, achieving Talent Gathering and producingcreativity, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the city andindustry, and fostering and enhancing the design awareness and aestheticaccomplishment of the public through design and innovation, so as to realizethe creation of value and improve the quality of life.

IAI design awardbeing as one of the most internationally influential and reputation designawards in the Asia-Pacific region and even in the world, IAI Design Award hassuccessfully held eleven competitions so far and is now regarded as a newinternational design award with high recognition and gold content worldwide.This session of IAI International Design Festival is sponsored by APDF-Asia-PacificDesigners Federation, supported by the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA),Beijing Fashion Academy, Qinghua University Academy of Fine Arts, NationalInnovation Research Center of Fudan University, School of Design/school of DigitalMedia of Jiangnan University, Institute of Fashion and Art Design of Rome SaintRaphael, Italy, undertook by Shanghai Kuandi Cultural Development Co., Ltd.,and Suzhou Shoutu Design Consulting Co., Ltd. The event lasted three days andwas held in Shanghai and Suzhou.

At 2:00 p.m., the 2018 IAI InternationalDesign Festival opened on time. After the speeches of guests and leaders, theribbon-cutting ceremony was held smoothly. It is understood that the IAIInternational Design Festival of this session had invited celebrities from allwalks of life, including internationally renowned designer masters, IAI DesignAward judges, prize winners from various countries, artists, representatives ofcolleges and universities, elites of the business community, the media and Officialof the embassy or consulate in Shanghai of France, Britain, Czech Republic,South African and Lesotho embassies and other countries.

Followingthe APDF Master Forum held on the spot, six Masters from different designfields had made wonderful sharing on interior, architecture, literary creationand brand respectively. This was a worthy of the name of Master's Ideological Forum. Although the speech time was only20 minutes on average, it enriched the life experience, wisdom, design pursuitand brilliant design life of the Masters. Masters' speeches made every audiencehave another perception and insight for the mission and responsibility of beinga designer, at the same time, it is also an honor and pride.

Adam Chen, Architect and Interior Designer, Vice Chairman of APDF, delivered a speech on the theme of "Green Design Changing Future Lifestyle" at APDF Masters Forum.

The Chief Designer of Brazil Pavilion of 2010 Shanghai World Expo delivered a keynote speech on "Future Design" at APDF Masters Forum

Israeli national treasure architect, poet and teacher Haim Dotan delivered a keynote speech at the APDF Master Forum on "Design Inspiring Life"

Famous architect and Czech Republic  palace national treasure master designer Eva Jiricna gave a keynote speech on"Simple about working" at the APDF Master Forum

Taiwanese creative artist and painter Yang Songshou delivered a keynote speech on "Literary Creative Products Living" at APDF Masters Forum

Design Director/Founder of Swiss DAI Brand Consulting Company, Professor of Brand Design Briefly gave a speech on "IAI Award in Global Context"

Mr. Oskar Ho, founding president of APDF, awarded lifelong honorary membership medals and souvenirs to seven speakers

At 6 p.m., the awards ceremony started on time. The award ceremony presenters for this year are: Liu Yanshen- deputy director of the full-time Committee of the Ministry of Education, Wen Jingchun-former office director of the Ministry of Housing and Construction, Eva Jiricna-Czech Republic palace national treasure master designer, He Changcheng- founder of APDF, President of IAI Design Award, Chen Guangxiong,-deputy director of APDF, Fernando Brandao-chief designer of Brazilian Pavilion of 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and Florin Baeriswyl-DAI Brand Consulting company Design Director / Founder Brand Design Professor, Dalia Gallico-APDF International Director, Art Director of Milan Palace Museum, Hershmann-South African Deputy Consul in Shanghai,etc. The award ceremony is not only a recognition and praise to the designers who have made outstanding contributions to the design industry in the past year, but also an encouragement to young and cutting-edge designers,aiming to inject new energy and power into the design community.

Participants in this IAI International Design Festival come from all over the world, covering five continents. The IAI Global Design Award has gathered 1376 outstanding works of top designers from all over the world. 195 works have been selected and competed for IAI grand design awards. Finally, 42 awards have been awarded after three rounds of evaluation. The "Scale Lamp Product Design Series" from Davide Montanaro, Italy has won one stroke. Three awards, including IAI Best Design Award-Best Creative Design Award-IAI Jury Special Award, Japanese designer Hibino won the IAI Best Humanistic Care Award, IAI Best Environmental Friendship Award and IAI Best Design Award respectively for his three space projects for preschool education. The chief designer of the Israel Pavilion at the World Expo, Hiim Dotan, won the IAI Judge for his work of Zhangjiajie Glass Flyover. Eva Jiricna (Eva Izhina), chairman of the conference, highly praised and nominated for the IAI Jury Special Award. Joy Seah's Robotics Laboratory in Singapore won the IAI Best Design Award-Exhibition Space Award. Niko Kapa, a Greek designer, won the IAI Best Product Design Award. Dirk U. Moench's Huaxiangtang Community Center won the IAI Award. I Best Public Architectural Design Award, SLT Office of AE Architects . from Chile won the IAI Outstanding Design Award and the IAI Best Design Organization of the Year. One Day, a Chinese American designer Denny ho, also won the IAI Best Humanistic Care Award and the IAI Best Commercial Space Design Award in one fell swoop. In this competition, the works of Kris Lin, winner of IAI awards, "Wuhan Dongyuan Sales Office", "Cave Club" by Guangzhou designer Huang Yongcai won the IAI Best Catering Space Award, and "Shuiyun Tea Club" by Suzhou narrative space won the IAI Best Design Award - Residential Architecture and IAI Best Commercial Space Design Award. In addition, IAI Award winner A large number of new faces have emerged, including winner Weina from Beijing, who won the IAI Best Old Building Renovation Design Award for her "Spring stream house". Zhang Jianwu & Cai Tianbao Rong's commercial space work "Layer-up" won the IAI Outstanding Design Award and the IAI Best Commercial Space Design Award respectively. Jiang Xiaolin (China)'s Yangshuo Blossom Dreams Hotel won the IAI Best Hotel. Design Awards, movable-type tea tray of Yi Chenghai (China), Zero Pet Club of Nayun Interior Design Co., Ltd., Electronic White Noise Generator of Xiong Muguo and Mechanical White Noise Generator won the IAI Best Product Design Award, Winners such asHong Yian (Taiwan, China), Wei Bing and yang Kunlun (China), Triassic Spring of Creative Space Group (Taiwan, China).Qian Yinling won the IAI Grand Prize for Interior Space.In addition, Liu Jiarui, Feng Jiahao and Peng Linze won the IAI Communication Design, Packaging Design and Brand Design Awards respectively, presenting the unprecedented diversity of IAI winning works and the country of IAI participating works.

IAI International Design Festival was successfully held not only in Shanghai, but also in Suzhou, where APJD Asia Pacific (Suzhou) Jewelry Design Center unveiled a successful event.

Adam Chen, deputy director of APDF and  served as a multi-session IAI judge, told reporters that

the holding of the APDF Global Design Festival is not only a grand event of the Global Design Festival, but also a good beginning for design to light up life and lead the beauty of the future. The organization of IAI Global Design Award wants to convey to the audience that the design community is an integrated design. Apart from space design, design permeates all aspects of life. Participants must be green design, incorporating green and healthy concepts.

In an interview before the closing ceremony of the IAI Design Award, President Oskar Ho said that the ultimate goal of the IAI Design Award is to enable the world's best works to be displayed on the IAI stage. At the same time, those excellent designers can enhance themselves through competitions and disseminate the best design concepts to the public for the benefit of mankind and the earth to become greener, healthier and more harmonious. Harmony and beauty.

The list of winners of the 2018 IAI Global Design Award can be found in the following PDF annex

List of winners of IAI Design Award-2018(new).pdf

List of IAI Design Excellence Award 2018 .pdf