President of APDF was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the Luca Biennale

Among 1st-5th August 2018, at the invitation of the Asia Pacific Designers Federation’s Strategic partners - Italy Metropolitan Cultural Association and Organizers of Luca Biennale, the president of APDF Oskar Ho went to Luca, which located in Tuscany, central Italy, to take part in Biennale exchange visits. Artists from all over the world gathered in Luca, the entries of many artists won the award in this year's biennial competition, included ItalianFrenchBritishSwissGermanyIndian and exhibitors from Hongkong of China. They used the most environmentally -friendly materials in the world, however created the most amazing works, there is no reason why we should not applaud such wonderful works.

On August 5,The Luka Biennial Opening Ceremony was held at the Duke's Palace. On the eve of

the opening ceremony, President Oskar Ho was invited to share his views on paper art at the dialogue forum of the Biennial not onlygave people a sense of intimacy, but also environmental protection and its artistic expression was rich and colorful, extremely artistic appeal and had visual aesthetic feeling. China is the mother country of paper, perhaps due to historical and cultural changes, however failed to get the proper development. But abroad, especially in Italy, it has been well inherited and innovating. Fortunately, circumstances change with the passage of time, now there are more and more Chinese artists architects and interior designers participating in it. Including local governments also attaches great importance to the development of culture and art industry, for example Suzhou Government is currently planning to build Yangcheng Lake a world tourist art Lake area. All these provide creative space and development opportunities for designers and artists.

During Biennale activities period, President Oskar Ho conducted full communication and discussion with artists and designers from various countries, as well as senior curators, artists from various countries expressed in succession that they would establish long term and close cooperation relationship with APDF in the future. Meanwhile, APDF President Oskar Ho also accepted with pleasure the invitation from Aimee Liano, who was a movie director and the artistic director of Luca Biennale to occupy as the international jury of the next Luca Biennial.

By means of the visitsthorough and extensive communication for five days, APDF has further established communication and cooperation in the field of art and design with the rest of the world, which provided greater possibilities for enriching and developing the diversity and cross-border cooperation of the APDF platform in the future.

APDF President Oskar Ho was invited to be a guest speaker in the dialogue forum

APDF President Oskar Ho is taking a group photo to mark the occasion with India and Czech artists

APDF President Oskar Ho had a pleasant exchange with Bulgarian, Chilean and American artists during the Luka Biennale and discussed future cooperation