APDF was invited to participate in Suzhou.Great Country Artisan Summit Forum 2018

13th of July,taking “ the inheritance of humanities and art+ culture service innovation” as the theme, China Culture Administration Association art colleges and universities traditional handicraft creation and practice based garden-opening press conference and Suzhou·Great Country Artisan Summit Forum(First Site) held in Xiang Cheng District, Su Zhou. Famous experts、scholars、elites from Culture session, about 300 people gathered together, to start public culture benefiting the people service colony practice which is an upgrading version for Suzhou, promote Suzhou public culture construction to reach a new level and provide new templates、new thoughts、new benchmarking for national public culture construction.

Asia Pacific Designers Federation(APDF) core members including APDF honorary president Professor Yan Shen Liu、APDF initiating president Oskar Ho、APDF the chairman of the board of directors in Asian region Soon In Lee(Korean)、APDF international director Dalia Gallico(Italian) and the German designer Joerg Lonkwitz who was awarded the designing top prize for the second consecutive year.

The vice-president of China Culture Administration Association, the former deputy director-general of industry department of ministry of culture、the inspector Xiao Lei Li made a speech and read out a congratulatory letter from Tie Nong Zhou at the spot, the chairman of China Culture Administration Association ,the former vice chairman of the  Standing Committee of National Peoples’ Congress. Subsequently, “traditional Chinese opera、art teaching、reading、culture production” four dialogue forums were held. Asia-Pacific Designers Federation (APDF)initiating APDF president Oskar Ho expressed in culture production dialogue that in the future Suzhou can accomplish great things in culture creativity particularly in design field. For example can be achieved by activating Suzhou culture heritage such as Suzhou landscape architecture design and traditional fashion design elements on behalf of Suzhou silks、embroideries、folk artwares as well as other intangible culture heritage, also via innovative thoughts and convert them into unique city culture bands as well as contemporary fashion design industry.

Finally, APDF honorary president, the deputy director of National Occupational Education Committee of The Ministry of Education Prof Yan Shen Liu made the summarized Speech, he was strategically situated, affirmed the developing idea of “Four Shapes of Bei Qiao”, advised on the development of Bei Qiao and placed earnest hope on it. First of all is to accelerate the construction of the gathering ability of culture enterprise、culture talents and the ability of the management of culture industry. The second is to accelerate the construction of the ability of opening up as well as cultivation of the culture market and the ability of culture marketing. The third is to speed up the construction of the ability of public culture service、culture industry technological innovation and the ability of application. Yan Shen Liu expressed that the summit forum of this time excavated Chinese traditional inner quintessence deeply——the fuseing of artisan spirit、art education and traditional handicrafts、 fostering the all walks of life learning , which are in favor of the establishment of the mainstream culture of China and sense of worth; The expansion of traditional handicraft creation and practice base of the national art colleges and universities, realizes the external spreading of the culture, taking this as an important brand, stretching and polishing constantly, being more brilliant to a high degree.

At the eve of the forum activity, the APDF president Oskar Ho was having a cordial talk with Professor Jian Meng who is the professor of Fu Dan University, doctoral tutor, the director of National Center for Cultural Innovation Research.