The 1st IAI Design Festival & the 10th IAI Design Award Ceremony

The First IAI international design festival and IAI 10th anniversary celebrations are held in Shanghai

IAI international design festival and IAI 10th anniversary celebrations are held in Shanghai.

On December 15th morning, the first IAI international design festival opening ceremony and IAI 10th anniversary celebration held in Shanghai Baoshan district wisdom Bay high-tech park, the theme "design for life", fully reflects the host section design principle.

On opening ceremony, Oskar Ho, the founding president of IAI design award - the Asia Pacific Designers Federation (APDF) said in his speech,  hope can through the IAI international design festival to promote the design between Shanghai and even the whole country and the international exchange and cooperation, from life found in good design, human services, and actively advocate design services for their lives better, so that the design become more valuable!

Doctoral supervisor, school of the central academy of fine arts building China's leading interior design professor Qiman Zhang said during the opening address IAI international design festival held in Shanghai, fully illustrates the design of Shanghai is a highly artistic charm, so hope that more designers can participate in such activities, promote the communication between the design of the different countries and regions and the cooperation, at the same time to better protect and inherit traditional Chinese culture, IAI global design not only is the one of the best awards in China, at the same time, it has become an international prize, it has the world's famous design.

In professor of central academy of fine arts, dean of the school of urban design Wang Zhongs speech, he expressed the significance of IAI international design festival hosted in Shanghai, can not only actively promote designers to participate in the design activities, also can better to include design in public art activities, let more people to participate in the experience and share the beauty and pleasure, make the city a better place.The President of Asia Pacific designer federation (APDF) in Europe has offered to help IAI international design festival and European design activities to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.

The IAI design awards have only a dozen awards, but after three rounds of reviews from nearly two thousand works. This shows the rigor and justice of IAI review, which fully embodies IAI's assessment direction, such as innovation, foresight, green environmental protection, aesthetics, technology and so on.On behalf of the IAI award, the highest academic award of honor and IAI was best creative award for the first time from domestic designer Guo-xing Jiang, titled "Xupin office space", at the same time it also won the best design award honorary of IAI.Jury special award was also acquired the Chinese education space, inner designer Fan Ge won the IAI best humanistic care awards, on behalf of IAI design

most commercially IAI outstanding design award by Shang Rui Yuan Zhu , humanistic concern of the IAI awards obtained by designer Fan Ge from Zhuhai. A building design studio was awarded the IAI award for best environmental friendliness, and also awarded the IAI design star award and IAI best material innovation award.

And the award of the axis is two years the IAI lifetime achievement award, the IAI lifetime achievement award went to the 84 - year - old (born 1931) of Chinese academy of engineering, architect, director of the institute of southeast university professor Kang Qi, he is also the fourth master who has the prize honors , which fully embodies the IAI design is not just a by participating the contestant and set up a contest awards, and is also an honor in the development of design industry and to make outstanding contributions in the field of design education and gain significant achievement award outstanding designer.

Opening ceremony was held multiple signing ceremony, including APDF  with Italy city council, Rome, Italy fashion life college of art and other institutions signed a cooperation agreement, the signing of the agreement marks the IAI has received international art and design of the increasingly widespread attention.

The opening ceremony was held by APDF to the central academy of fine arts and Shanghai film institute for the IAI design award yearbook.

In addition, the design forum was held during the festival, the international day of training, design post trip to visit exchange activities, the first design festival activities will be held in China academy of fine arts at the venue of the international training on Japan and China, also the IAI summary and review of the past decade, looking forward to next year's second IAI international design festival content more rich and wonderful.