Global top seven design masters for IAI global liquor product innovation design award for cross-border creation

IAI global wine product innovation design award invited master list, from Holland, France, Italy, Hongkong, Australia, South Korea Chinese six design mogul officially invited to China for liquor products and cross-border design, they have been in the fields to create compelling works of different design now, and their design for the first time for Chinese wine, which is an attempt to Chinese wine industry's first ever concentrated ushered in a number of world-class design master Chinese wine brand upgrade done. Let's wait and see what kind of Chinese wine image these masters will design

何新城/ Neville Mars(Netherlands)

hexincheng architectural firm founder, chairman of the dynamic city foundation, a member of the

academic committee of the IAI design award,they construction firms in many domestic and international

and the construction bid won, including winning Chongqing's 300 meter office building, Chengdu bid a

National Museum of bid, and in from 60 countries, 369 bidders to compete to win a flagship store and

Sports Center Design Competition in europe. they include many famous brand groups, such as BMW,

Guggenheim Museum, Holland Royal Shell, Volkswagen, Walltopia, BOLONI, etc.

林伟而/ Willlam Lim(Hongkong, China)

Silian Architectural Design Co., Ltd. A member of the Department of Architecture Advisory Committee of

Cornell University and China Advisory Committee, Tate Britain (Tate) Asian art collection member, member

of advisory committee of the Asia Society and the art gallery of Hongkong Kangle Department of cultural

affairs museum expert consultants.

马西莫/ Massimo Losa Ghini(Italy)

APDF member of the International Council, IOSA GHINI ASSOCIATI, ItalyPeople, design works, including

many international museums and honors Awarded the awards, Bolidismo and Memphis advocates, works

throughout the world, numerous awards.He served as the judge of the IAI global design award and the

German red dot.Awards, Italy Golden Compass award and other international design award judges. Including

the United States Roscoe prize, awarded by the Chicago IAI Good Design Award, Germany red dot award and

IF product design award, China green design award award for the best green environmental protection award.

李淳寅/ Soonin Lee(Korea)

Former chairman of the International Association for industrial design (ICSID), Seoul.Director of design center,

President of Asia design network and South Korea.3D printing forum chairman, Korea brand design and

Management Society Chang, director of the Biennale of design, Kwangju, Korea, 2007.

埃里克·吉萨德/Eric Gizard(France)

Ten French famous designer, as a fearless explorer in the field of global design, with his broad interests and to

allow him to all over the world in different projects, has for Japan's private apartments and commercial space,

South Korea dessert, Paris Jean Patou boutique, Air France specially designed first class cabin and the business class,

as well as its major airports worldwide Air France VIP room design. To design furniture for the French fashion home

brand First Time, he also tried contemporary design on the traditional handmade carpets in Morocco. Also for Hermes

group's brand: St. Louis Royal crystal design tableware and lamps.

Kees Spanjers(Netherlands)

(APDF) joint chairman (2015-2017)

The European Union interior designer (ECIA) (2004-2008), chairman of the international interior designer and

designer alliance (IFI) members of the Council (2004-2009), has served as the Holland National Interior Design

Association (BNI) and the chairman of Britain, Spain and other design Organization Director General and honorary

consultant, as an internationally renowned master design, once won numerous international awards, is one of the

leading figures in the field of international design the most prestige and influence.

托尼·吉安诺尼/Tony Giannone(Australia)

IAI global wine product innovation design award signing invited professional master, Adelaide University School

of architecture and architectural environment of part-time adjuncts, Tectvs architectural design studio in Australia,

a senior member of the Architects Association