Global Launch Reception & Press Conference of IAI Global Innovative Drinks Products Design Award Held at Shanghai World Financial Center

On theafternoon of August 11, 2017, guests gathered at the Shanghai Cultural Centeron the 29th floor of Shanghai World Financial Center. The first ‘Global LaunchReception & Press Conference of IAI Global Innovative Drinks ProductsDesign Award’ was held here. The award jointly sponsored by China DrinksAssociation, Asia Pacific Designers Federation, Gao Cheng EnterpriseDevelopment Group Co.,Ltd. IAI Global Design Award Was invited to set up theaward and participate in organizing the event.

China DrinksAssociation Strategic Development Advisor Lu Ronghua, Vice Chairman of China DrinksAssociation Exhibition Department Hai Zhenming, IAI Global Design Awardsponsor, Asia Pacific Designers Federation Chairman He Changcheng, GeneralManager Yang Huizhong from Shanghai Gao Cheng Creative Technology Group'sShanghai Hua Yang Rui Shi creative development Co., Ltd., the famous Frenchdesigner Mr. Gwen, executive director of the British Creative Arts Center TangWanling, Xing Tonghe from APDF Asia Pacific Designers Association HonoraryPresident, and 2010 Shanghai World Expo Building Research Center Director, APDFAsia Pacific Designer Union Nanjing Branch Secretary Long Wang Bin and otherleaders attended the event.

Mr. LuRonghua, as a consultant for the wine industry association's strategicdevelopment adviser and Drinks development, said in his speech that the IAIDesign Award is a very decent, very stylish and modern, artistic award thatwill enable cross- Concept into the design of Drinks products, so I am verypleased that this innovation on the Drinks products launched a vast world.

ViceMinister Hai Zhenming on behalf of the China Drinks Association speech, hetalked about ‘Drinks new normal, consumption of new ideas, Drinks products are thecarriers of the culture and art, history and taste . We need our designers in aunique design language for the Drinks Class goods tailor - made, close to life,inherited the traditional design concept under the premise of the full integrationof the needs of the eras, continuous development and innovation to meet people's pursuit of drinks.

HeChangcheng, the founder chairman of Asia Pacific Designers Federation, and the sponsorof IAI design award, on behalf of the Asia-Pacific Designers Fedeation tocongratulate the current IAI Global Innovative Drinks Products Design Awardheld on schedule, and fully affirmed the award will give the drinks industryinnovation, and leave the positive significance on its development.And he alsoindicated that the future of the Asia-Pacific Designers Federation willactively boost, including the drinks industry, the transformation and upgradingof various industries. Finally Mr. He introduced the main content of thetournament and several major features and highlights.

Mr. Yang Huizhong delivereda brilliant speech entitled ‘From Cognition to Change’, which profoundlyexplains the theoretical significance of ‘cognitive change of the world, designdrive the future’.

The theme of ‘IAI GlobalDrinks Products Design award’ is clear, and has clear positioning. It is aprofessional and influencial award, hoping to organize the annual event topromote the transformation and upgrading of traditional Chinese drinksindustry, and promote the development of drinks products innovation , Leadingthe drinks brand towards globalization and vitality.

The collection ofthe award is in full swing, the collection of works will be related to the Drinksproduction enterprises, glass and ceramic products manufacturing enterprises,packaging and printing design enterprises and packaging design college teachersand students. It will show the world with visual impact of the innovativedesign works.