APDF*C five innovative design forum

APDF*C five innovative design forum

Brand design and marketing strategy forum

May 12th, in 2016, the first Asian Pacific Innovation Design forum held the forum'Brand design and marketing strategy forum'in the Bird Nest Culture Center, which is based on the Internet thinking of Corporate Brand Strategy Design. It also pointed out the corporate need to build the new brand marketing idea in the background of the Internet Contemporary in order to promote the corporate future development. The  famous international Sweden designer Mr. Frorin, Chinese James Yang and Taiwan crossover creative designer Yi Jiezong critically suggested that the present phenomenon exists many mistakes and leads to bad results based on the large databases and practical cases analysis. Meanwhile, the core factor is the brand culture plays important role in corporate image and corporate competence, especially the enterprises need to build up the new brand marketing and strategy to have a strong place in the serious competition in the Internet contemporary. The chairman of APDF Oskar He presided over the forum.

APDF*C Innovation Space forum

In the morning of May 12th, the APDF*C Innovation Space forum which the theme is Space Innovation and visual actual life was held in Bird Nest Culture Center. The famous space designer DaiKun from Beijing and Ge Yaxi from ShenZhen, British designer Ben Hughes and Newspaper Today Top 1 senior operation manager Lufang, they shared the opinions from own viewpoints and professional knowledge and give directions for future space design about future space design which contains Space planning , indoor merchandising, furnishings and brand design how to be realized by visual actual, which also deliver the information the space design enters to the new digital contemporary and we live in the the digital world created by visual actual. The forum was held by Academy of & Design.Tsinghua  University Art college vice professor Wang jiansong and Oskar He presided over over the forum together.

APDF*C Industry design innovation forum

In the afternoon May 13th. The digital gap of the new product design ‘APDF*C Industry design innovation forum’ was held in the Bird Nest Culture Center, the speakers were from the Chinese Academy of & Design.Tsinghua  University Zhaochao, Janpanese designer Setsu Ito and Korean industry Professor Li ChunYan. They shared study cases and practical achievements from.

APDF*C Asica Sustainable design development forum

In the afternoon May 13th. The first innovative festival last forum ‘APDF*C Asica Sustainable design development forum’ was held in the Bird Nest Culture center which the theme is the ‘ Environmental and Ecological design’. The Spanish architecture Vicente Guallart Furio, Taiwan famous designer Chen Guangxiong, the central Academy fine of arts vice professor and experimental center chairman He wei, International Ecological architecture ken Yeang and project manager Chace Leow Hong JIn respectively addressed Environmental and Ecological design plays important role to the human beings to build a sustainable world from many social perspectives like Green, environment , ecology. Argriculture, City planning,city construct by their own cases and affluent study achievements. The president of City Design College of China Central Academy of Fine Art professor wangzhong presided over the forum.  

APDF*C Architect and indoor design Summit

May 13th, APDF*C Architect and indoor design Summit was held in the north hall of Central Academy of Fine Arts and many guests like famous designer professor Zhang qiman , Tsinghua  University Art college vice president professor Sudan , Italy and Japanese designer Shinobu, British Zaha Hadid architecture office project manager Addie Can, Israel designer Hanan Bensho addressed excellent speeches. They pointed out many creative theories and practical achievements from many perspectives of architecture, space, arts and humanity and shared many typical cases to open the important window for the future development of global, Chinese and Asian areas architecture and interior design.