The Ninth Global Creative Design Award-IAI Design Award Top Award Revealed at Bird’s Nest

The Ninth Global Creative Design Award IAI Design award ceremony,claimed as the Design Oskar by CCTV and other Chinese and international authoritative media was held at Bird’s Nest culture center on May 14th.Heavy weight design authorities, design masters, leaders from national construction department and educational department,Embassy of Holland in China and social elites from all walks of life,nearly 400 of people attended the Ninth IAI Design Award ceremony and witnessed the born of IAI awards.

For 2015 IAI Design Award specifically, designers from nearly 30 different countries and regions participated in the event including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, Portugal,Denmark, Thailand, Singapore, Poland,Slovenia and more. It is reported that this year’s IAI Design Award Competition drew in 1,201 excellent design entries, of which 212 entries competed for the top IAI Award and finally in the last round assessment 37 entries won top awards.Chinese mainland PONE Architecture has won IAI Best Creative Award,IAI Design Award Excellent Awards have been received by LAND Designlab, Ray Wong and Gong ShanWei , Weng Shanwei and Yuan Jiadie.

The only female Pulitzer Architecture Award winner Zaha Hadid has also submitted her last entry Dongdaemun Design Plaza, which has won IAI Special Jury Award, Japanese designer Taku Hibino received IAI Best Humanistic Award and Taiwan designer Zen Zhenben has also won IAI Best EnvironmentAward.IAI Annual Best Agency Award and IAI Excellent Design Award goes to designers from Hongkong, Taiwan,Mainland China,Danmark,Germany and Japanese designers .CAFA student ZhangTiangang has won Design Star Award.Besides that, IAI Design Award Committee hold a special tribute forZaha at the award ceremony and ,which is the third IAI Life-time Achievement Award.

When the big screen shows the portrait image of Zaha Hadid and her video, and award her with IAI Lifetime Achievement Award,the whole audience burst into stormy applause.,which is the third IAI Life-time Achievement Award.

IAI Design Award has now become the top award in Chinese design circle and also regarded as the most innovative design award in Asia Pacific area and attract more and more attention around the globe.The number of entries of this year’s IAI Design Award winning works has increased than previous years and most excitedly, we not only see the innovation,green, environment-friendly and sustainable design ideology behind these entries as well as see the humanistic , ethnic ,regional side from them.These entries have not only represent the great rejuvenation of Chinese culture as well as represent the status of Asia Pacific design on a global scale,which is a very inspiring phenomenon.