2016 APDF+C The First APDF Asia Pacific Festival of Creativity The Ninth Global Creative Design Oskar- IAI Design Award Ceremony

Event Purpose:

APDF- Asia Pacific Design Festival of Creativity is an annual event being held as a way to support and drive the design industry as a whole by hosting activities such as ceremonies, exhibitions, forums, workshops, and other creative events. By doing so we may further propel the development of design innovation through our cooperation actions. Through the design ideas, we guide people to establish healthy habits, to encourage designers to use design intelligence to improve the relationship between people and environment, eventually leading to man and nature of peaceful harmonious coexistence.

Time: May 12- May 16, 2016

Avenue: Bird’s Nest Culture Center ; Central Academy of Fine Arts(CAFA);Zhang Jiakou

Theme: "Joining in Beijing Winter Olympics,Building Beautiful Future City "

Host: APDF-Asia Pacific Designers Federation; Bird’s Nest Culture Center ;

       Central Academy of Fine Arts(CAFA)

Co- organizer : The Zhangjiakou Wanquan  People's Government; Environmental Art Committee of China Artists Association ; Sino-overseas Galleries

Support organizations : Beijing Design Week ; China Great Wall Society ; Jiangxintang  Investment Management Co. Ltd; China Swap Space;Huaxia Tianxi Capital Co.Ltd; Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press

Main Venue : Bird’s Nest Culture Center

May 11th

IAI Design Award Academic Seminar

Time: 09:00-10:30

Venue: Bird’s Nest Culture Center conference room(4th floor)

May 12th

Main Venue : Bird’s Nest Culture Center


The Opening Ceremony of 2016-APDF*C Asia Pacific Festival of Creativity

The Opening Ceremony of the Ninth Global Creative Design Oskar-

IAI Design Award Exhibition

The Launching Ceremony of Winter Olympics Art Carnival and APDF Mobile Home Journey

Time: 09:00-11:00

09:00 - 09:10   Leaders of the Organizing Committee of Olympic Games Address

09:10 - 09:20  Leaders of the Ministry of Culture Address

09:20 - 09:40  Leaders of the Host Address

09:40 - 10:00  IAI Design Award Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

10:00 - 11:00   Visit IAI Design Award Exhibition, the first floor of the Bird’s Nest

             Culture center (Pictures Exhibition Area),the fourth floor

             (Products Exhibition Area)

Brand Design and Marketing Strategy Forum

Time: 14:00-18:00

Host: Wang Min (US)

Speech Guest: Florin Baeriswyl (Swiss)

Speech Guest: Dalia Gallico (Italy)

Speech Guest: Yi JiezhongTaiwan,China

Speech Guest: Lin CunzhenChina

One Belt and One Road”Meet&Greet between designers- Designers Exchange Evening

Time: 18:00-20:00

Venue: the 4th floor of Birds Nest Culture Center- APDF International Exchange Center

Content: Conference Salon (Coffee+ Tea+Red Wine)

Participants: IAI winners, Social elites from all walks of life,Special Invited international guests,Media

May 13th

Sub-Avenue : Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA)

APDF Global Architecture and Interior Design Forum

ThemeFuture Design

Time: 09:00-12:00

Host: Chang Zhigang (China)

Speech Guest: Ben Gough (UK)

Speech Guest:  Su Dan (China)

Speech Guest:  Shinobu Ito (Japan)

Time: 14:00-17:00

Speech Guest:  Eddie Can (China)

Speech Guest:  Hanan Bensho (Isreal )

Speech Guest:  Zhang Qiman (China )

International Fashion Creative Design Workshop

Time: 0930-17:00

Theme One: Design For Future, For Beijing

Theme Two: Beijing Ecosystem Research

Participants(to be confirmed):

Delegation of The International Design School / Saint-Petersburg, Russia/

Delegation of Università San Raffaele

Professors and students of CAFA

Main Venue : Bird’s Nest Culture Center

APDF Innovative Design Interactive Development Forum

Theme:Space Innovative Design and Virtual Reality

Time: 09:00-12:00

Host: Wang Jiansong (China)

Speech Guest: Ben Hughes (UK)

Speech Guest: Ge Yaxi (China)

Speech Guest: Soon-In Lee (South Korea)

Speech Guest: Dai Kun (China)

APDF+C Industrial Product Design Innovation Forum

Theme: Product Design and Internet +Virtual Reality

Time: 14:00-17:00

Host: Jia Wei (China)

Speech Guest: Setsu Ito (Japan)

Speech Guest: Shi Dayu (China Taiwan)

Speech Guest: Liu Guanzhong (China)

Speech Guest: Yang Mingjie ( China )

May 14th

Main Venue : Bird’s Nest Culture Center

Asia Sustainable Development Forum

Time : 14:00-17:00

Host: Wang Zhong (China)

Speech Guest: Chen Guangxiong (China Taiwan)

Speech Guest: Vicente Guallart Furio (Spain)

Speech Guest: Ken Yeang (Malaysia)

Speech Guest: He Wei (China)

Hand-Painted Sketching of Five Continent Design Elites---Tribute to

Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

Time: 17:30-18:00

Venue: Beijing Birds Nest National Stadium.  Birds Nest Culturel Center Gallery

Cocktail Party

Time: 17:30-18:30

Venue: Beijing Birds Nest National Stadium.  Birds Nest Culture Center First Floor

Award Ceremony

Venue: Beijing Birds Nest National Stadium . Birds Nest Culture Center First Floor

1830-1840  Warm-up Promotional Video

1840-1850  Opening Show—Dance of the Charm

1850-1900  IAI Organizing Committee President's Address

1900-1910  IAI Organizing Committee Jury Representative's Address

1910-1930 Prize-giving

1930-1940  Guest Speech

1940-1955 Entertainment Show

1955-2015  Prize-giving

2015-2025  Guest Speech

2025-2035  Interactive Game

2035-2055  Prize-giving

2055-2105 Guest Speech

2105-2115  Entertainment Show

2115-2135  Prize-giving

21:35- 22:35Winners Interview,Winners Group Photo,Free Talk(IAI Design Award Committee assign photographer to take pictures for IAI winners  

Other Exhibition

May 12th-May 16th


May 15th-May 16th

APDF Winter Olympics Cultural Exchange Tour- The sharing journey of Mobile Home Creative Design+Gourmet+Music(Beijing-Zhangjiakou)

May 15th

Visit Wei City of Wanquan District of Zhangjiakou

Boarding Time: 8:00am

Boarding Location: Beijing Celebrity International Grand Hotel (Anli Road No.99,Chaoyang District,Beijing)

Lunch Reception


Location : Wanquan District, Zhangjiakou

Press Conference

Time :13:30-15:00

1. Leaders of government of Wanquan district Address

2. The launching ceremony of APDF International city creative connection-Zhangjialou

3. The launch of the Creative Competition of the Winter Olympics Fashion Tourist Product.

4. The launch of the Creative Competition of Beautiful Countryside planning

5. The launch of the Creative Competition of City Wei design (Zhangjiakou)

6. The launch of Creative Center (Zhangjiakou ) of APDF - the launching ceremony of Creative Center of Mobile Home


Time: 13:30- 15:00

1. Leaders of government of Wanquan District Address

2.The launching ceremony of Ecological Design and reconstruction project ( Zhangjiakou )

3. The signing ceremony of One Belt One Road International City Creative Connection

4. The launch of the Creative Design Competition of City Wei design (Zhangjiakou)

5. The launch of Creative Center (Zhangjiakou ) of APDF - the launching ceremony of Creative Center of Mobile Home

Visit Ancient City

Time : 15:00-15:30 Arrive at ancient city of Wanquan district

Time : 15:30-16:30 Hand-Painted Sketching of Five Continent Design Elites---Tribute to ancient Wei city

Time : 16:30-18:00 Experience the local culture of Wei city

Time: 18:00- 21:00 Campfire Party(Delicacy food +Music+ Dance Performance)

May 16th

Visit scenic spots of Zhangjiakou

Time: 09:00- 12:00

Lunch reception

Time :12:00-13:30

Return to Beijing

Time 13:30-17:30

Warm Reminder:This investigation is fully supported by Zhangjiakou government(the transportation, food and one night at the hotel will be covered by the government)

Participants are mainly domestic and international experts, school and institution  representatives, special invited designers and media.There are only 20 vacancies for IAI winners if you would like to participate,please confirm with us before April 22nd.

Forum Speech Guests

Florin Baeriswyl (Switzerland)

Florin first founded dai in 1987 in Zurich Switzerland. A design and brand consultancy, dai stands for “Design, Architecture, & Identity". From his creative background, Florin is able to provide a holistic view of brands and insight rooted in innovation. From strategic positioning to implementation on the market, he creates integrated experiences that translate to real brand value. Florin has helped clients as diverse as Nestlé, Swissair, USM, Red Bull, and Deutsche Bank strengthen their brand propositions, and has been recognized with multiple international awards.

Soon-In LeeSouth Korea)

Soon In Lee was President (2011- 2013) of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID). Soon In Lee was Chair of the Korea Design & Brand Management Society, and General Director for Gwangju Design Biennale 2007. Today He is Executive Managing Director of Seoul Design Center.Since 2003, Chair of Asia Design Network and Korea 3D Printing Culture Forum.

Zhang QimanChina

Honorary Council Chairman of Asia Pacific Designers Federation(APDF) Council,

founder and academic leader of Chinese Environment Art Design. first doctoral supervisor of Environment Art Design, the doctoral supervisor and professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts in the School of Architecture, member of the Academic Committee of CAFA, the doctoral supervisor of the School of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University and Chinese National Academy of Arts, the director of Professor Zhangqiman Environment Art Studio, member of China Artist Association, director of the environmental design art committee.

Setsu Ito (Japan)

Setsu Ito is a Japanese designer with a broad work experience in architecture, interior, product, industrial & packaging design. He have received design awards such as: The Young & Design Award 1999 (Italy), “The Good Design Award 2001” (Japan), “The Toyama Product Design Award 2001” (Japan), selected “ADI Design Index 2001, 2005” (Italy) and Compasso d’Oro 2011” (Italy). He is visiting professors for important design schools such as Domus Academy in Milan, Politecnico di Milano, IUAV University of Venice, IED Istituto Europeo di Design Milano, and Tsukuba University Japan. He is a part of jury of the IF Design Award 2015 (Germany).

Vicente Guallart FurioSpain

Vicente Guallart (Valencia 1963) is Chief Architect of the city of Barcelona. He has widespread experience in urban design and architecture in cities across the world, which he pursues based on a multi- disciplinary approach. He was the specialist responsible for the creation of the Urban Habitat department in Barcelona, which brings together urban design, environment, infrastructure and information technologies and which promotes a new, more holistic way of designing that has the potential to respond to the urban challenges faced by the city in the information society. His work contributed to the mayor of Barcelona’s selection for Fortune’s list of the world’s 50 greatest leaders and to Barcelona being named the European Capital of Innovation.

Yi Jiezhong(China Taiwan)

Philosophy postdoctoral of the Cultural Research Center of Chinese Academy of Social Science, the Chairman of APACC Asia Pacific Smartfortune Co.,LTD.Cutural Creative and Design Services Industry Planner, Creative Economy Cross-boundary Urban and Architecture Designer, Urban Culture Observer.

Sudan (China)

Vice chairman of Asia Pacific Designers Federation and district committee president of Greater China (2015-2017),deputy dean of the Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua Universitydoctoral student supervisor principal investigator of China National Pavilion at the Milan Expo.

Lin Cunzhen (China)

Secretary General of Asia Pacific Designers Federation Greater China.Vice professor, Doctor,and Deputy Dean of Design School of China Central Academy of Fine Arts.She is founder of Art and Design magazine.Since 2003,she has devoted to the whole image design of Beijing Olympic Games,and was former deputy director of Landscape Design Office of Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee Cultural Event Department,responsible for Beijing Olympic landscape design and management.

Ben HughesUK

Ben trained as an Industrial Designer in the UK . He is the Professor and
Academic Director in the Industrial Design department of the Central Academy of
Fine Arts.  Ben was Course Director of MA Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins. He set up A4 studios in 2013 and has exhibited design work and interactive exhibits at design fairs around the world. Ben is the author of over 100 papers, articles and chapters linked to design for publications.

Dalia Gallico (Italy)

Università S. Raffaele Roma. Professional person in charge of the University, a bachelor's degree in fashion design, Artlab director (art major), Milan Municipal visual communication strategy Laboratory is responsible for the Palazzo Reale and Pac. Exhibition project.Signumlab Design Association Chairman, concurrently Observer magazine, "When culture leaves sign" leave a mark when cultural coordination managers.Is engaged in the research project is international, new technologies, and the importance of communication and application.

Liu Guanzhong (China)

Vice-Chairman of Asia Pacific Designers Federation Council2015-2017

Professor of Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts ,Vice director of China Industrial Design Association and Academic and Exchange Commission, Honorary professor of HongKong Polytechnic University, Adjunct professor and doctoral tutor of Central South University College of Art,Doctoral tutor of Guangdong University of Technology,etc.

Adam Chen (Taiwan, China)

Vice-Chairman of Asia Pacific Designers Federation Council2015-2017

The famous architectural and interior designers, Advocate Taiwan green building.

Shinobu Ito (Japan)

Shinobu Ito is a Japanese designer with a broad work experience in architecture, interior, product, industrial & packaging design. She worked in Japan for CBS Sony (Sony Music Entertainment), engaging in design and marketing activities.She began a partnership with Setsu Ito, and since then she has been working between Milan and Tokyo as a consultant for important companies. She works also as a graphic and interior designer and is involved in marketing activities. She has a wide experience in the interior and furniture design, leading the projects from conception to implementation.

Ge Yaxi (China )

Founder and Art Director of LSDCASA, guest professor of decoration design of Tsinghua University and Tongji University. He puts forward the design idea “ outside of trend, art structures life ”, proposes the uniqueness of lifestyle. Meanwhile, he stays true to himself. His work has got Gold design in the field of residence of SBID, and also be selected in Interior Design Yearbook of Andrew Martin.

He Wei (China)

Doctor,associate professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts,Director of Experimental Center,Deputy director of China Building Association Rural Architecture Professional Committee and Illumimanting Engineering Society of Beijing(IESB) Art Lighting Committee,Executive chief editor of German professional Lighting Design Magazine(Chinese Version).

Hanna Bensho (Isreal)

An Israeli born artist, architect and designer, lives and works in Shanghai nowadays. Established his firm Bensho Studio in 2013, where he develops architecture and masterplanning projects (mostly in collaboration with local design studios), and also provides Ux (User Experience) design and interaction consultancy services to startups and developer of digital platforms. Bensho is also an architecture studio tutor at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Suzhou, and an active mixed media artist.

Chen Weiping ( China Hongkong )

Deputy Secretary General of Asia Pacific Designers Federation Greater China master of visual communication of CAFA School of Design,as well as received his art doctoral degree at CAFA School of Design,incumbent lecturer of CAFA School of Design.He was former art director of CAFA the Olympic Art Research Center and CAFA World Design Congress Beijing 2009.

Jamy Yang (China)

Famous designer, Founder of YANG DESIGN, Guest professor of Tongji Universit Jamy’s fusion innovation and craftsmanship has brought him international recognition, nearly a hundred design awards including Reddot, iF, G-Mark, IDEA and DFA Silver etc. He has been listed as “Top Influential Chinese Designer” by mainstream media in the past two years.

Eddie Can (Zaha M. Hadid Representative,UK )

At present, he is an associate/project director in Zaha M. Hadid, Architects. He is responsible for project design and development, construction management, digital fabrication and new technologies integration. His experience includes the running of projects such as the art installations in Miami Art-Basel, Venice Biennale, and Cologne Furniture Fair, Louis Vuitton Flagship store (Macau, China), Dongdaemun Design Plaza (Seoul, Korea), Changsha Meixihu International Culture and Art Center (Hunan, China) and working on a number of winning competitions such as Wolfsburg Science Center (Germany) and Bergsiel Ski-Jump (Austria).

Benjamin Gough (UK)

Ben Gough is a trained Architectural Designer specializing between the boundaries of Art and Architecture. Having studied in the UK, he has previously worked on the design, development and production of projects of a variety of typologies and scales in the UK, Africa and China. Ben has also exhibited his work worldwide with shows in London and Shanghai, most notably at the West Bund Long Museum in Shanghai.Named as one of the 50 best design graduates by Blueprint Magazine in 2009, Ben's academic projects have also gained prestigious awards such as Detail Magazine prize for Outstanding Use of Urban Fabric and Infrastructure.

Ken Yeang(Malaysia)

Shareholders of North- Han ShaYang Architectural Design Engineering Co., Ltd. and chief architect; graduated from the university of Cambridge, when being an doctoral student, he devoted himself to the reseach of architectural ecology and biological system features. So far 30 years of theory study and practice laid his master status in the international architectural deisgn field. Mr. Ken Yeang has been employed as vice- Chairman of American High- rise building and Urban Residential Advisory Committee for a long time, and selected to be member of “European Public wealth”.

Dai Kun (China)

Chinese architect and interior designer, the chief executive of Beijing Juqimei Residential Technology Development Co.LTD. He studied with Ma Guoxin academician in Beijing Architecture design and Research Institute and focused on the research field in the residential architectural design of residential environment

Hosts of Each Forum

Wang Min(America)

The Dean , Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Design College of Central Academy of Fine Arts. The President of AGI Alliance Graphique International Executive Committee.Member of the World Economy Forum (Davos) Creative Economy Council.Member of Beijing Olympics Urban Development Promotion Association.Art Director of Beijing Olympics Image and Landscape.The Vice-president of the Icograda International Graphic Design Union.Director of Adobe Design and he also taught at Academy of Arts at Yale University.

Chang Zhigang(China)

Vice President , professor and master tutor of the School of Architecture of Central Academy of Fine Arts. He presided over the national art and science foundation and the national natural science fund project , hosted and participated in a number of scientific research and design projects, published many academic papers in the Journal of Architecture, World Architecture, The Architect and other professional core journals at home and abroad.

Wang Jiansong (China)

Duputy Secretary General of Asia Pacific Designers Federation (APDF) Greater China,Associate Professor and master tutor of Environment Art Design Department of College of Fine Art of Qinghua University.A senior environmental art designer of Chinese Interior Decoration Association. A core member of Milan expo of Qinghua University, a member of Milan Expo China Pavilion,Secretary General of DPP Beijing Culture and Art Committee.


Professor and doctoral supervisor of CAFA, Dean of the School of Urban Design. Director of China Public Art Research Centerthe expert consultant of Beijing Municipal government, deputy director of National City Sculpture Art Committee,vice president of China Urban Sculpture Association, standing director of Chinese sculpture society and member of international dynamic art organization.

Jia Wei(China)
Jia Wei,Founder of lkkdesign,is regarded as the first among a new wave of business-savvy designers with the design idea that moderation creates a harmonious design which Chinese culture, design trend and commercial value fuse perfectly.Moreover,Most of his works obtains Red Dot Design Award,IF, IDEA and other international award many

[Charging Standard ]

Exhibition Ticket ( 1 day pass ticket )

Visiting APDF Paper+Space Impression Exhibition and IAI Design Award Exhibition at first floor.


Festival Ticket ( 5 days pass ticket )

Visiting all exhibitions between May 12nd- 16th, four forums held at Bird’s Nest Cultural Center between May 12nd- 14th , one forum held at CAFA ( The Central Academy of Fine Arts ), APDF Paper+Space Impression Exhibition, IAI Design Award Exhibition.

Early Bird ticket price: 680

Normal ticket price: 880

Festival Ticket ( 1 day pass ticket )

Participate all activities of one day between May 12nd-16th.

Early Bird ticket price: 280

Normal ticket price: 480

IAI Design Award Ceremony Charging Standards(Banquet+Gifts and Souvenirs)

Note: Only for companions with 2015 IAI Design Award winners and APDF members

Price:¥600 for each person

Registration Method

1. Online : Login APDF official website : www.iai-ap.org. Download and fill out APDF*C Registration Form, and send it to iai-award@iai-ap.org

2. Wechat : Scan APDF QR code and fill out relevant information.

Sign-up Time:

Early Bird Period :15 March  – 30 April 2016

4 day pass ticket: 680

1 day pass ticket: 280

Regular Period:30 March-4 May 2016

4 day pass ticket   880

1 day pass ticket   480


1.It’s totally free for 2015 IAI Design Award winners to participate in the whole activities;

2.Companions who attend to IAI Design Award Ceremony with 2015 IAI Design Award winners can take part in forums freely;

3.Companions who do not attend to IAI Design Award Ceremony with 2015 IAI Design Award winners can enjoy 70% discount for taking part in forums;

4.Network members of APDF may enjoy 95% discount.

5.Associate membership of APDF (including student membership) can enjoy 70% discount for the whole event;

6.Students with Student ID can receive free entrance to 2015 IAI Design Award Exhibition and forums.

Warm notice: Besides official website registration, there is exhibition ticket booth at Bird’s Nest Culture Center. You can also buy ticket through SHUINIAO TICKET, MEITUAN, DIANPING, NUOMI.

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