CHYBIK + KRISTOF Design Movable Copper Façade for a Private Art Gallery

CHYBIK + KRISTOF have unveiled the design for a Public Art Gallery clad in movable copper plates. The conceptual project is located in a new public square, near a riverbank with access to the water. The cultural function marks the heart of the new development. The cylindrical volumes are inspired by past functions of the area: mining, smelting, and minting. Toward the public square, the cylinders are elevated with the purpose of connecting the interior of the building with the surrounding public space.

Shimmering, movable copper elements create a dynamic effect on the façade of the gallery. The material is also expected to age, changing its color and properties in time.

The interior courtyard defined by the cylindrical volumes is a space connected to the open public spaces on the ground floor, yet offering a different, more introverted character to the project. At the top, the rooftops are accessible allowing visitors to admire the surrounding landscapes.

The interior exhibit spaces are paired-back, yet their circular shape concentrates the attention of the visitors to the artworks, enhancing their presence.