A full analysis of the design of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics venue "Snow Ruyi"!

▲The National Ski Jumping Center "Snow Ruyi"

The National Ski Jumping Center is China's first ski jumping venue that meets international standards. It is also the competition venue with the largest amount of engineering and the most technical difficulty in the construction of the Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics complex. The section of the jumping platform fits with the S-shaped curve of the traditional Chinese auspicious decoration "Ruyi", so it is vividly called "Xue Ruyi". Using the S-curve of this platform, that is, the S-line of the track section and the S-curve of ancient Chinese culture, form a unique Chinese cultural expression for the Winter Olympics.

After the completion of the ski jumping center, it will become the main image venue of the Zhangjiakou competition area. It will host the Winter Olympics ski jumping competition. After the meeting, it will be used for international competitions and national team training, as well as a series of public tourism, football games, grass skiing, etc. Sports and leisure activities. The International Olympic Broadcasting Service Company, the provider of all competition TV screens for the Winter Olympics, decided to locate the main broadcast room on the opposite side after reviewing the "Snow Ruyi" plan.

▲The National Ski Jumping Center "Snow Ruyi"

▲Time/After the game

The platform consists of the summit club at the top, the big platform in the middle, the standard platform and the referee tower, and the stand area at the bottom. Through the cable car system and the road up the mountain, athletes and other people can easily reach the athletes' departure hall, VIP entrance area and other areas from the bottom of the mountain. The assist slide will adopt the internationally advanced ice slide assist system to improve the game viewing. The large and small platforms are easily connected via a dedicated elevator. There is a technical building in the grandstand on the south side of the mountain, including rooms for the Olympic family. There will be 8 Olympic gold medals during the game.

▲Overlooking the top of the platform

The National Ski Jumping Center occupies an area of 62.5 hectares. It is planned to build two tracks, namely, the big jumping platform (HS140) and the standard platform (HS106). It will undertake the men’s individual standard platform, women’s individual standard platform, men’s individual large platform, and men’s team platform. There are 5 events in the mixed ski jumping team (newly added), and 3 events in the Nordic biathlon with the National Cross-Country Ski Center.

▲Section of the ski jumping center

▲The stand area

Design/Completion time: 2016-2020

Design unit: Tsinghua University Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Renn Architekten, Beijing Urban Construction Design and Development Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Survey Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Main designers: Zhang Li, Zhang Mingqi, Zhang Kui, Yao Hong, Wang Chong, Jiang Xirui, Hans Martin Renn