Foster + Partners shares design for reusable face visor; No 3D printing necessary

The face mask. Via Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners has designed a general-purpose prototype face visor that can be cleaned and reused to aid in the fight against COVID-19. The firm's hope is to encourage both designers and large scale manufacturers to investigate the potential of digital and laser cutting machines as an alternative to the slower 3D-printing approach for fabricating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The mask is made of three components: a visor made from 0.5mm optically clear PETG, an interlocking soft PP headband, and a surgical silicone rubber head strap that ties the two together. Foster + Partners cuts all of these components.

Image: Foster + Partners

According to Foster + Partners, each visor can be cut from sheets in under 30 seconds and the components can be assembles in under a minute. The firm says it was able to use a single cutting machine to cut and assemble pieces for 1,000 visors in one day.

The visor can be disassembled, cleaned, sanitized, and reused as desired by the user. Foster + Partners is currently delivering the prototype visors to a number of London hospitals for testing.