Check Out The Best Eco-Friendly Architecture Of The Moment

Check out the best eco-friendly architecture of the moment: The safe of the environment its one of the main concerns of contemporary designers and architects, that’s why eco-friendly architecture is one of the most important trends of the season.  Do you know that, nowadays, that buildings can be designed to automatically be environmentally friendly? Check out here some examples of eco-friendly buildings with a contemporary design.

The ecological design stands for the integration of sustainable materials with eco-conscious urban and rural lifestyles. In fact, architects can now get a specialized degree in environmental architecture. But that doesn’t mean that de design projects can’t be beautiful, functional and, at the same time, good for the environment.  Destruction doesn’t have to imply in the construction of contemporary projects.

Environmentally architecture doesn’t impose on the land, they magically blend in with the landscape, giving you the sensation that they emerged in it. The Eco-Villa of Mauritius, created in 2006, was inspired and created with indigenous materials to match the aesthetically “flow” into the lush surroundings.

The Hyperion Tower Blocks, in New Delhi (India) its the most promising eco-friendly design project for 2020. Inspired by the tall Hyperion trees of northern California, Vincent Callebaut manages to achieve a unique high-end project with a contemporary design. These fully functioning, sustainable tower blocks are designed to create a new ecological community, by including farms, homes, gyms, restaurants, among others.

Another promising project is thebamboo skyscraper idealized by the CRG Architects. This contemporary building its made of bamboo, one of the lightest eco-friendly materials on earth. The former semifinalist in the World Architecture Festival consists of the construction of bamboo towers spiraled together. A proof that a simple thing can be turned into something spectacular. In fact, if you look closely at these design project can fit easily in a luxurious lifestyle of the future.