The Cylindrical glass construction

If you were ever curious to see some of the works of the town.and.concrete architecture studio then you probablyknow how inventive they are with their designs. One of their creations is aconcept for a house made of cylinders. It’s definitely an out-of-the-box ideabut then again that’s what the studio does best. All their projects are unique.The buildings they design are out of this world and stand outin a dramatic way without being opulent. It’s the concepts at the base of thedesigns that are highly interesting and that makes this house unique andspecial at the core.

This is anentire house made of this sort of cylinders. It’s still in the concept stage

The cylinders have solid bases and tops and their central sections aretransparent and made of glas

The Cylinder House was designed to fitbetween the trees of a wooden site near Lyon in France. Its 270 square meterinterior is all a huge open space with no structural delimitations between thespaces. In fact, the interior is very flexible and can be reconfigured at anytime. It’s the furniture that marks a space and gives it a function. Byrepositioning the furniture a space can be shifted or can gain a whole newfunction.

The height ofthe cylinders differs but they’re all aligned to form a seamless floor leveland ceiling height

The ideabehind this design was to create a house that fits between the trees and has aflexible and modular structure