IAI Design Award Honorary Ceremony, Shining in the International Design Circle

On June 29, 2024, the IAI Design Awards ceremony, renowned as the "Design Oscar" and "Design Olympics," was held grandly at the Portman Seven Star Bay Hotel. Both inside and outside the award ceremony, it can be said that the stars are shining brightly. Leaders from the Propaganda Department of the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, relevant departments of the Tong'an District and Jimei District governments, authoritative figures in the Chinese and foreign design industry, celebrities in the art and business circles, representatives from domestic and foreign educational institutions, and relevant industry elites gathered together to witness the birth of various IAI awards this year.

The picture shows He Changcheng, Chairman of the Asia Pacific Designers Alliance and founder of IAI, delivering a speech at the award ceremony


     At 5:30 pm that day, the IAI Design Award ceremony, known as the "Design Oscar" and "Design Olympics," was held grandly. Leaders from the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Tong'an District Party Committee Propaganda Department, and Jimei District Cultural and Tourism Bureau attended the scene in person. Authoritative figures from the global design industry, celebrities in the fashion and art industry, as well as winners and representatives from domestic and foreign universities gathered together. Chairman He Changcheng, founder of the IAI Design Award, was the first to deliver an emotional and inspiring speech on site. Chairman He Changcheng stated in his speech that the IAI Design Award has evolved from a small concept to an important award that is now highly regarded in the international design field. Along the way, it has been full of challenges and hardships, but more importantly, it has been about gaining and growing. This is not only an award ceremony, but also a grand event in the design industry. It is a powerful driving force for the industry to continue moving forward, and it is stated that in the future, we will continue to adhere to our original intention, continuously enhance the influence and professionalism of awards, explore more talents in the design field, and bring more profound works to society. The wonderful speech won warm applause from all guests present.

The award ceremony, as the core of the IAI Design Festival, is particularly eyecatching, with numerous outstanding design works and outstanding designers from around the world proudly appearing on stage, showcasing their charm. The unveiling of each IAI design award is like a brilliant pearl shining on the scene, causing waves of applause.

                                                  The picture shows Li Wenrui, Deputy Director of the Cultural and Reform Department of the Propaganda Department of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, Fang Xiaofeng, Deputy Dean of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, and He Chang, Chairman of IAI, as winners from Brazil, presenting the Most Creative Award

From the IAI Interior Award, Intelligent Manufacturing Award, Architecture Award, Landscape Award, Elite Award, to the IAI Most Creative Award representing IAI Lifetime Achievement Award and the supreme honor of IAI, each category of awards born on site has attracted attention and won warm applause from the audience. Especially noteworthy is that the student winners of the two works that won this year's Elite Awards both won the IAI Gold Award and belonged to the same university, thus receiving an IAI bonus of 15000 yuan. This also became the first prize in the history of IAI to be awarded to the winners, triggering greater attention from young students to the new IAI Elite Awards. When the representative of Lifetime Achievement Award winner Steven Hole took the stage to receive the award, the large screen displayed the recipient's handwritten letter to the IAI award ceremony. After Steven's representative read out the content of the letter, there was thunderous applause on site. And what brought the award ceremony to a climax was the renowned architectural institution Superlimao, who had traveled thousands of miles from Brazil to come to the IAI award ceremony. When the winners came to the stage to receive the award, it caused cheers and thunderous applause from the audience.

                                                       The picture shows students who have won two IAI Elite Gold Awards on stage to receive IAI Gold Award seats and high bonuses

The picture shows the opening ceremony of the 2024 AI Design Award competition