Special notice to APDF Member's personal exhibition hall opening

Dear APDF members,

APDF will open personal works exhibition hall for professional member ,all of the professional memberships, enterprise memberships and director memberships that register more than one year can submit personal display works from now on. The old members that havent registered before October,1 and havent pay membership fees can open personal works exhibition hall after renewing.

Special attention: Please submit your works prepared through your member space, and pay attention to check nowhen you choose whether they are entries or not. Afterwards, member center will audit your works, the works uploaded by you will be displayed on your personal exhibition hall under your member home page if it meets the requirements of photo accuracy and work quality.

Joining APDF means you will enter a brand new international design exchange platform from now on.

Joining APDF will promote your career development effectively, which will help your career gain greater improvement.

Welcome you to join APDF!

The Membership Application Procedure
1.Log-in and apply online
2.Pay the fee
3.Become an APDF member
4.Membership Confirmation
6.Get contact

1.Enter the APDF website page , fill out and submit the registration information table, through the pre-qualification by the APDF membership center. If in accordance with the terms of membership, you will receive a notification letter about the preliminary audit;

2, Enter your member space and upload your representative 2- 3 work case ;

APDF Member Center  will examine and confirm membership, identify your membership type and confirm membership finally;

3, APDF Member Center will send you admission notice and pay membership fees;

4, Membership certificate and related certification information will be issued by the APDF member center.


E-mail: iai-ap@iai-ap.org


September 20, 2018