APDF Key Members investigating suzhou one day tour

On 24th Jun,Mr.He Chang Cheng- the president of APDF、Mr.Soon-In Lee APDF- Asia Region Chairman of the Board of Directors , Ms.Dalia Gallico-APDF commissioner of International Board of Directors accompnied by the relevant learders of Beiqiao Street of Xiangcheng District in Suzhou city.  Investigated the Old Granary located in the shoreside of Yechangjing of North Bridge one after another,  Great Country Craftsman·Wisdom Valley·The industry study and research practical teaching aggregated zone of Chinese Art Colleges and Universities · Cao Lake、Yangcheng Lake、Xietang Old Street、Su Zhou Museum、Lion Forest Garden、Pingjiang Road.  The members fo APDF praised the profound humanity history culture connotations、the nature and cultural resources that took up full advantages of Su Zhou greatly.  And had a further understanding of the future development planning of Su zhou throgh Suzhou Xiangcheng Sci-Tech&Finance Investment Fair,APDF members expressed in succession the conceivement of contributing to the city transformation and culture development construction of Suzhou by means of federation design wisdom and global design resources in the future.