IAI global Drinks Product Innovative Design Award & Invited master Design Award Ceremony ended successfully

November 19th afternoon,The awarding ceremony of "IAI wine product design Innovation Grand Prix" is jointly held by the Asia Pacific designers Union and Gao Cheng Development Group Co., Ltd., which is held in Hongqiao National Conference Center, Shanghai.As one of the most important activities of the first Shanghai international wine trade fair, the competition has attracted much attention from all walks of life. The "world famous, sharing the glory" as the theme of the "2017 Shanghai International Wine Fair" sponsored by the China wine industry association, jointly organized by the Huambo enterprises, China Light Industry Federation, the key support of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce.

The winning designer (representative) was awarded the 2017 annual IAI liquor product innovation design award

Seven invites master won the IAI wine product innovation design "special invitation master design award"

It is reported that this contest received a total of nearly 200 works, after IAI liquor product innovation design award international jury professional, fair and transparent review, winner of a gold medal, a silver medal, a bronze medal, winning two awards.At the same time, this contest invited master works is even more interesting, designers were from Holland, Italy, France, South Korea, Australia, China Hongkong a total of seven different fields of design creative series of liquor products with professional background and design their own style for China wine brands, each work embodies the masters of love and understanding of Chinese wine brand, master the interpretation of the Chinese broad and profound wine culture through their own design language, I believe these works will become a famous brand in the Chinese China comprehensive strong rise under the background of the common out of the country, become the world's favorite cup of wine.

The designers are interested in watching the exhibition of Chinese wine sinks displayed by the highly dedicated calendar of years

The IAI liquor product innovation design award in Gaocheng Group owned wine exchange exhibition bureau held, the Swiss brand design master professor Florin as the chairman of the jury, IAI chairman He Changcheng as chairman of the design award, the entire review process is very orderly, full of questions international judges professional and rigorous attitude, from ten countries and the area after analyzing and evaluation repeatedly, finally selects five representative works of this contest were given a gold, silver and bronze and prize.

In the afternoon, "IAI forum" held in Hongqiao green design innovative brand of platinum black horse Hotel Conference Center, South Korea Seoul Design Center for Professor Li Chunyin, a prominent Australian architect Tony Giannone, Italy Iosa Ghini Associati Milan design director has shared their design ideas and classic design cases, including "how to cross-border thinking and attitude faced with the challenge of" the future of the world to meet the theme of this argument.

APDF He Changcheng, chairman of the Asia Pacific designer alliance co chairman APDF Kees Spanjers, Europe APDF Asia chairman Professor Li Chunyin, director of the Institute of architecture of National Chiao Tung University professor Gong Shuzhang, the Swiss Dai (Design, Architecture, & Identity) designer David, Shanghai Hua Yangrui world creative development limited executive director general Manager Yang Huizhong, and from the domestic brand designer and the liquor business representatives attended the forum.

The masters come to Shanghai one of the most important trip is to visit the high Chengzhi Valley Park, the park as Crosby group incubator, for domestic and foreign designers to provide a master studio, on the same day, Yang Jianxiong, general manager of wisdom Valley Park lead to the master visited the park, hardware and software are introduced in detail with the park and planning cause, masters of consistent interest. In the later period, the little editor will continue to pay attention to the details of the master's studio in the park to broadcast the latest developments in the latest Zhi Gu park.