IAI Design Festival - Minnan Design Inspection and Exchange Tour

From June 30 to July 1, 2024, under the organization and arrangement of the IAI Design Festival Organizing Committee, a twoday design inspection

and exchange trip was launched in Zhangzhou and Quanzhou. In Nanjing, Zhangzhou, the IAI Design Festival, Chinese and foreign guests visited

and inspected the ancient town of "Yunshui Ballad", a world cultural heritage site, with a focus on local tulou architecture. Through their understanding

of the style and history of tulou architecture, the guests were once again amazed by the diversity and uniqueness of traditional Chinese architecture.

That evening, the guests were invited to visit a highend residential community called "Kasa Mingzhu" designed by IAI judge Chen Guangxiong in Shishi,

Quanzhou. They then had a discussion and exchange in the space of the Kasa Mingzhu Real Estate Club, designed by renowned designer Liu Ronglu,

located on the top floor. Accompanied by the relevant person in charge of the Kasa Mingzhu Group and the club owner, they had a pleasant dinner together.

The unique local flavor of Minnan cuisine impressed the guests with thumbs up.

The next morning, accompanied by local artists and friends, the guests visited the world cultural heritage site Kaiyuan Temple with great enthusiasm,

experiencing the unparalleled millennium Buddhist scene of a temple with two towers. As the only Hindu temple in China, Kaiyuan Temple has many

magical historical sites inside, making the guests linger and forget to leave. Then, they visited the four famous bridges in China, Luoyang Bridge, which

is also a world cultural heritage site. This is the first cross sea beam style bridge in China. As the guests strolled on the bridge, the glory of Dongfang

Dagang in the past seemed to reappear in front of them. In the afternoon, guests were invited to Quanzhou Yuanhe 1916 Creative Industry Park to

participate in the IAI Design Festival and Quanzhou Cultural and Art Tea Party hosted by "Tea Invitation Time". After inviting Cai Wanyan, the founder

of "Tea Invitation Time" IP, to give a welcome speech, Wang Qiang, an expert in the cultural tourism of the Quanzhou Maritime Silk Road, introduced

Quanzhou Maritime Silk Road culture to Chinese and foreign guests. Subsequently, there were also tea ceremony shows such as "Tea Hundred

Dramas" and "Song Dynasty Tea Ordering", as well as wonderful explanations of "Five Steps of Tea Making". In the eyes of Chinese and foreign guests,

Chinese tea ceremony is not only a process of tea tasting, but also a spirit, an attitude, and a deep understanding of life.

The IAI Group Organizing Committee organized this design inspection and exchange trip, which was also pleasantly surprised and fruitful. The Chinese

and foreign guests who participated in the event had a deeper understanding and experience of traditional Chinese architecture, culture and art, and local

customs. Through this IAI Design Festival design inspection and exchange trip, not only did they gain a deep friendship established through cultural exchange, but also a vivid demonstration of telling Chinese history well and spreading excellent traditional Chinese culture to the world.