IAI winners can receive international award subsidies in Jimei.

According to the notice issued by the People's Government of Jimei District, Xiamen City on April 7, 2024, on the issuance of several measures for the high-quality development of industries in Jimei District (provisional), in order to promote the high-quality development of industries in Jimei District, efforts are made to introduce new entities, explore new models, cultivate new business formats, stimulate new momentum, accelerate the development of industrial agglomeration, scale, high-end, and advantages, and combine with the actual situation of this district, a series of relevant measures are formulated.

The sixth point of this notice and the 28th policy measure to promote high-quality development of the cultural and tourism industry propose to support top international creative design awards. For design professionals or teams who actually work in Jimei District and have won the IAI Design Award, Red Dot Award, IF Award, and IDEA Award, a reward of CNY30000  per piece will be given. For professionals and teams who have won the Contemporary Good Design Award (or other international awards), a reward of CNY20000 per piece will be given.

The introduction of this policy measure is undoubtedly good news for IAI winners, especially for designers and teams settled in Xiamen Jimei. We believe that in the future, IAI will receive more and more recognition from local governments, and more and more IAI winners will benefit from it.