The booking notice of the IAI Design Award Yearbook

The 12th IAI Design Award yearbook's executive editor is Oskar Ho; it is edited by the Culture and Tourism Bureau of the Heping District in Tianjin and is published by the Tianjin People's Press.

The yearbook contains more than 300 cases of entries, which are divided into three sections: Interior, architecture and products along with brilliant comments by IAI judges. It includes 522 pages of the IAI Most Creativity Award (which represents the current highest design standard in the world), Jury Special Award, Best Design Award, Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award and Excellence Award.

This is a design yearbook with international standards and is also a design monograph with great reference value and the design guide.

You can also subscribe to the Xinhua Bookstore, academic libraries, as well as online platforms such as, Tmall, Wechat shop and Dangdang. Since its first edition was published in 2006, the IAI Design Award Yearbook has been well received by designers, design enthusiasts and readers at home and abroad.

The IAI Design Award Yearbook has become a reference book with collectible value for designers and a reference for studying modern and contemporary design.

The IAI Design Yearbook is not only the best promotion of the winning designer’s work, but also a beautiful gift for important clients and strategic partners. You are welcome to subscribe by calling/WeChat/email.

2019/2020 IAI Design Award Yearbook

Publisher: Tianjin People's Press

Price: 680 Yuan

Chief editor: Oskar Ho

Hardcover, size: 787 mm x 1092 mm 1/8

Pages: 522

Published date: 2021. May

Issue date: 2021. June. 16

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