The Seminar Activity “Sui and Tang Dynasties Relic Palace’s Reconstruction -Mingtang, Tiantang Cultural Relic Protection Project” in Luoyang

On the morning of November 7,Chinese Artists Association Environmental Art Committee organized the investigation to Mingtang, Tiantang,Sui and Tang dynasties relic palace. Led by Zhang Qiman, director of Environmental Art Committee and honorary Council Chairman of Asia Pacific Designers Federation Council, Sha Na, consultant of Chinese Artists Association and China famous art design educational expert, Tao Qin, deputy secretary general of Chinese Artists Association, Xian Yi, director of Chinese Artists Association Environmental Art Committee ,Nakajima Takeo Ph.D, Japanese expert and professor, Oskar He,founding president of  Asia Pacific Designers Federation, and members of Environmental Art Committee went there.

Existing Mingtang is protected architecture for displaying. Since 2012, this reconstruction project is planned, and until April at this year,  Mingting is open after reconstruction. It is 21.18 meters high and 105 meters wide. His appearance is three pedestals. Each pedestal is smaller than the lower one. At the top is octagonal pavilion roof. In side of Mingtang is divided into two levels. The construction space is 9888.92 ㎡. Mingtang and Tiantang are new palace buildings with the style of Tang dynasty from the new China founded.

In the afternoon, at Luoyang, Environmental Design Art Committee of China Artists Association held - modern environmental design art seminar. Firstly present professors, scholars praise the project of restoring grand building site in the Tang dynasty at ancient capital Luoyang, at the same time offer their opinions about restoration and reconstruction of Chinese traditional architecture, as well as   relevant common problems. The guests expressed genuine respect to the interior design team, Mr Zhang Qiman as leader, who have made great efforts for this project and space show. Mr Chang Shana respected, famous Chinese art design education expert, Nakajima Takeo Ph.D expert, professor from Japan, Mr Oskar He chairman of the APDF, and with dozens of committee members have made a statement.

In the picture, Zhang Qiman makes a speech. Zhang Qiman was born in 1941. The founder and academic leader of Chinese Environment Art Design and honorary Council Chairman of Asia Pacific Designers Federation Council. First Doctoral supervisor of Environment Art Design at China. Interior designer of reconstruction project of Mingtang at Luoyang.

Conventioneers visit Tiantang and Mingtang which are reconstructed at Luoyang.