Philips, IAI jointly released the future trend of home lighting


June 2, 2011, by Philips and jointly organized by IAI Union Pacific designers' future trends in home lighting theme of the Forum "in Shanghai Jinmao Mao held at Hyatt Ballroom, forums, and Hong Kong and Taiwan were invited famous designers, lighting technology experts were made by the keynote address, chairman of the Asia Pacific League of Mr. He Changcheng designers invited to chair the forum, Lin Wei and Hong Kong's famous designer, Atkins - Building sustainable development Ying Qian, director of the Asia Pacific region early in the domestic pioneer advocate of green living, green building and green parts Group Director Mr. Wei Kun, the largest private architects interior Design Department of Shanghai General Manager Mr. He Yi, and Philips lighting applications in China technology Center Director, Mr. Yao Mengming , Asia Pacific marketing Director Mr. Zhang Zhifeng household consumption.

Lin Wei and Hong Kong's famous designer IAI chairman Brian He.


Guests in the meeting room


Forum activities on-site designer breathtaking to listen to speech


Guest interaction in the field


IAI president Brian He did a speech.

Experts in the field for the Forum start jointly unveiled