Special Fund
Special Fund

Special Fund

APDF Special Fund is a specialized and public fund- raising organization aiming at operation and management of the fund in design education and green creative industry.Meanwhile it is also a comprehensive non- profit organization which focuses on design education, the resources of green creative industry, technical reserves,innovative research and integration of fund resources.

The Fund’s Aim

It is a special fund established by APDF to make the best of all preferential policies of Asia Pacific Region Special Fund Committee, widely raise the fund, and support countries in Asia Pacific region in design education and inheritance,promote economy and culture and service better for the development of creative design industry. With the features of the age on the base of the creative mode,APDF Design Special Fund adheres to the comprehensive development of the creative industry academic forums, scientific research projects,publications and reorganization material.It provides adequate and reliable fund to ensure good run in green creative industry development of all countries in Asia Pacific region, makes its contributions to social and economic prosperity.

Public Working Area

1.Special Fund Raising

The Special fund has “raising private multi- class funds and promote the development of green creative industries" as its concept, which carries out activities such as holding fundraising theme, launching public canvass, receiving international cooperation aid and applying for government funding etc mainly for domestic and foreign government agencies, legal entities and natural persons in the field of green creative industry organization, to promote fund on the basis of permission of laws and policies.

2.Carrying Out Academic Research and Exchanges

Organize and develop symposium and communication among domestic and international design schools, technology research institutions and enterprises on the major development issues in the field of design education and green creative industries, in order to promote technological progress; Organize forums, seminars, technology promotion and other activities which focuses on the development of design education and green creative industries, in order to provide channels and platforms for the government, universities, research institutions and enterprises to  communicate situations, exchange information and share achievements and experience.

3.Promoting Development of Design Education and Green Creative Industries

Establish and develop good cooperation relations with foreign governments, institutions, enterprises, research institutions, social groups and international organizations. Provide cooperation information, popularize project development of new green creative industries and promote project cooperation for the domestic and foreign enterprises and all levels of government, to serve the construction of new countryside as a bridge and bond. Popularize the production, education and research base and green creative industrial park, meanwhile, develop green economy.

4.Cooperation with Consulting Services

Provide analytical reports and policy recommendations to boost further social and economic development of Asia-Pacific countries, assist countries to develop long-term design education development, development planning and status quo policies of green creative industries.

Provide intellectual support for the local government to establish cooperation mechanism of production, education and research, to establish development plan of regional green creative industry, to organize and establish industrial development plan for the green creative industry.

Provide information, policies, regulations and other consulting services for the development strategy of college design disciplines and enterprise green creative industry, for the transformation of green creative industry, for the investment, mergers and acquisitions of exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, for the technological innovation and market development.