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APDF, a growing impact of design platform in Asia Pacific region, is establishing the information resource storeroomfor architectural design,interior design and industrial design, which provides effective solutions for design or relevantindustries,the objects,and individuals.APDF will offer your company the right opportunity to help with realization of itsgoal.

  • APDF offer information for the following general ways to realize your goal:

    Job Board

    Target the most qualified, creative candidates and add a distinct strategic advantage to your recruitment efforts.


    APDF proudly offers a diverse array of sponsorship opportunities through it conferences, webinars and publications. Whether you are looking soley for branding opportunities, customer engagement or interactive exchanges, APDF has developed a rich menu of outreach tools to help your company accomplish its marketing goals.


Through APDF’s online, print,website,wechat, microblog and email advertising tools, your company can share it's thought- leadership and insights and strengthen its branding within the industrial design marketplace. For more information(read the attachment)


Promoting the practice of Industrial Design of APDF through education, information, community and advocacy. Cultivating designers who have the social responsibility.And mission is to promote social benefits.

APDF Ambassadors

To support the industrial design profession with a primary focus on research, thought leadership and advocacy. Ambassadors receive recognition, exclusive discounts, marketing opportunities and media outreach.

To submit a media request to get more information, please contact Jiali at media@ iai- or call +86(21)62820584-8002.