• Service&Opportunity

APDF is an increasingly influential design platform in the Asia-Pacific region. APDF is building an information resource base for architecture, interior and industrial design to provide effective tools to solve key problems for design and related industries, target groups and individual objects. APDF will provide the right opportunity to help your business achieve its goals.

APDF provides the following ways to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

  • APDF offer information for the following general ways to realize your goal:

    Work Platform

    Provide the most qualified, creative candidates and add a unique strategic advantage to your recruitment effort.


    APDF helps you implement your marketing strategy by sponsoring international forums, brainstorming sessions and special events organized by APDF, which is a media communication platform


Present your work and services online through APDF's periodical publications, website, public WeChat, twitter and other new media outlets. For more information (Please read the attachment).


Support APDF to promote the development of design education, cultivate designers with a sense of social responsibility, and promote the awareness of social benefits of design as its mission.

APDF Ambassadors

Cooperate with APDF to constantly enrich and improve professional content, support the development of members in the industry, and promote and publicize THE concept of APDF.

To submit a media request to get more information, please contact Jiali at media@ iai- or call +86(21)62820584.